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Section 2: Admission and Matriculation

Admission and Matriculation

Pre-nursing status

The process toward completion of the diploma program begins prior to actually entering the School of Nursing. After completion of high school or a General Education Development (GED) certificate, the pre-nursing student is required to complete twelve specific college level courses at a regionally accredited college or university of choice. If the school is accredited outside of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), then a course description review must be completed by the career counselor and/or Admissions and Progressions Committee. Courses will be transferred upon review of course descriptions and an hour analysis. These academic pre-requisite courses include the following:

English I/English II/Speech/or Spanish
6 hours
Chemistry (lab highly recommended)
3-4 hours
*Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 (with lab)
4 hours
*Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 (with lab)
4 hours
Microbiology (with lab)
4 hours
Human Nutrition
3-4 hours
Introduction to Psychology
3 hours
Human Growth & Development
3 hours
US History up to 1876
3 hours
American Government
3 hours
3 hours

*must be completed within ten years prior to start at CSON

Time Frame

If the pre-nursing student attends classes' full time, the expected completion time for these courses is three semesters. The order in which the pre-requisite courses are taken is significant since colleges require completion of certain courses before enrollment in others. All pre-requisite college courses must be completed prior to enrollment in the nursing curriculum at the School of Nursing.

Grade Requirements

A minimum grade of "C" in each of the pre-requisite courses is required, and a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in these courses is expected. The School of Nursing also evaluates the number of times a particular course is taken and considers each grade earned in that course. Prerequisites

Other Requirements

Prerequisite courses must be taken at a regionally accredited program and must correspond to the course descriptions listed below. A degree plan can be completed by the Nursing Career Counselor during the pre-nursing phase to ensure proper course completion.

Prerequisite Course Descriptions

English I

A study of the writing process that requires students to write extensively in a variety of modes and styles, including personal, academic, and research essays. Includes an application of research techniques and critical thinking

English II

A critical examination of a variety of literary forms and a careful examination of the writing process, culminating in a research paper.

Speech (either of the following)

  • Interpersonal: A study of the human communication process in one to one encounters.
  • Public Speaking: An introduction to the basic theories of public speaking. An emphasis is placed on delivery skills and communication apprehension. Students learn to prepare and deliver informative and persuasive speeches in an appropriate manner.


An introductory course emphasizing conversation, grammar, and Hispanic culture.

Chemistry (either of the following)

  • General Chemistry: An introduction to chemistry. Includes gas laws, bonding theory, atomic structure, solutions, acid-base and redox reactions.
  • Inorganic Chemistry: The study of chemistry especially relating to the properties and behavior of inorganic compounds. The course should cover all chemical compounds except the myriad organic compounds.

Anatomy and Physiology I (or pure Anatomy)

Structure and function of cells, tissues, and the general body plan; the integument, skeletal, and muscular systems. This course must be taken within 10 years of the first semester at CSON.

Anatomy and Physiology II (or pure Physiology)

A continuation Anatomy and Physiology I. Structure and function of the endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, and nervous systems, as well as a study of fluid, electrolyte and Ph balance of the body. This course must be taken within 10 years of the first semester at CSON.

If an applicant takes Anatomy and Physiology courses from two different institutions then a course description analysis is performed and must the courses taken must include all of the information listed in the above course descriptions to ensure proper transfer.


Characteristics of microorganisms, their culture, uses, control and immunological aspects in industrial, domestic, and medical areas. Concurrent registration in the complementary laboratory course is required.

Human Growth and Development (Lifespan)

The physical and psychological development of the individual from birth through the death/dying process.


An introductory course concerning the major theories and recent research in the broad field of psychology.

Nutrition (Science of, or Personal)

Study of nutrients, their functions and food sources, recommended daily allowances, deficiency and toxicity symptoms, and sound principles for nutrition throughout the life cycle.

Political Science (choose only one from the following)

  • American Government, Organization: Fundamental principles of government including the American system of government and the development of the constitution for the United States.
  • American Government, Functions: Study of the functions of the American system of government, at the national level.
  • Texas State and Local Government: Introduction to the Texas state and local political system and comparison to state and local government throughout the United States.

History(choose only one from the following)

  • World History: World history from the beginning of civilization to 1600 with a related emphasis on world geography
  • History of the United States I: The history of the United States from the discovery of America to 1877.
  • History of the United States II: The history of the United States from 1877 to the present.


The course must be a 3 hour non major class. This course cannot be one of the prerequisites listed and is in addition to the other prerequisites. The course must be considered an academic course (not vocational or technical) and cannot be a remedial course. This course also must be from an approved accredited program (any program accredited by a regional accrediting agency).

Revised: December 2011

Revised: June 2013

Credit by Examination

We accept credit by examination for the following exams with passing scores as listed in the chart below.

English I

English II




Human Growth and Development

US History up to 1876

American Government


The Nursing Career Counselor is available by appointment to applicants for academic guidance and consultation during the pre-nursing phase of completing these required courses.

Application Process

Covenant School of Nursing does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, or disability. The School of Nursing is an Equal Access/Equal Opportunity School.

Pre-entrance examination

Covenant School of Nursing utilizes the TEAS V pre-entrance examination as part of the admission process. The exam is offered on several dates during each application period and can be retaken once a semester at this testing site. The scores are valid for one year and all scores submitted with the application packet must be valid on the last day of the application period. The TEAS registration and payment must be submitted via the online registration. There is a $25.00 fee for "No shows" to take the exam on another date. TEAS study guides are available (while supplies last) for a $25.00 rental fee. Information about the pre-entrance exam is available on the website. Each applicant must pass the pre-entrance examination by the deadline date.

Application Submission

The applicant must submit the application materials together with in the application period (January 15 – March 15 for the August class and July 15 – September 15 for the January class). Items turned in separately will not be accepted. The application materials include:

  • Online application for admission
  • Resume including work and education history as well as any healthcare volunteer service
  • Application fee
  • $50 application fee (money order) if all application documents are submitted at least 30 days prior to the application deadline.
  • $100 application fee (money order) is required if application documents are submitted within the last 30 days of the application period
  • official unopened high school transcript or GED verification
  • official unopened college/university transcripts
  • passing entrance exam scores
  • 3 sealed reference forms
  • Letter of standing from any school of nursing or allied health program you attended but did not successfully complete (must be mailed directly to Covenant School of Nursing).
  • Non-USA citizens must provide proof of Permanent Resident alien status.
  • Documents involving an applicant's criminal record may be required. These records may affect the student's eligibility to perform certain phases of clinical work at the hospital (and other clinical sites) and/or prohibit the student from licensure as a Registered Nurse. If licensure is prohibited Covenant School of Nursing will not accept the applicant. Contact the Nursing Career Counselor for additional information, if applicable.

Reference Forms

Evidence of the applicant's character, personality, and other qualities that are important in predicting probable success in nursing will be substantiated by letters of recommendation completed by individuals selected by the applicant. The required forms and instructions are available online.


Official transcripts from high school and all colleges and universities attended to date must be submitted with the Application for Admission to the School of Nursing. Official transcripts must have an original signature and school seal on them. They must be submitted with all application documentation by the deadline specified in the admission packet.

  • If a student applies before all prerequisites are completed, all final official transcripts that reflect any outstanding course work are due prior to the first day of classes by the date stated in the admission packet.

Admission Requirements

Admission Status

After the application deadline, the Admissions and Progression Committee of the School of Nursing will consider all qualified applicants whose application files are up to date. Selected applicants are then emailed a letter of accepted, alternate, or declined admission. Upon receipt, further instructions are provided. Accepted and alternates will be required to sign an Enrollment Agreement, Acknowledgment Letter, and a Consent for Background Check form as well as pay a $100 deposit. This deposit will later apply toward the total cost of the final semester tuition. The deposit is non refundable and is valid for one year if the applicant chooses to reapply for the next semester.

Health requirements

  • All accepted or alternate students will schedule an appointment with Employee Health Services at Covenant to perform the following :
  • Document a medical history
  • Update required immunizations
  • Lab Titer to ensure immunization for the Varicella Zoster
  • Complete a Color Blind Test,
  • Undergo a Respirator FIT Test
  • TB baseline and secondary test
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Other items needed to complete the student health file
  • Perform a drug screen test
  • If the pre-enrollment drug screen is positive for an illegal substance the candidate will be denied admission to Covenant School of Nursing and will not be eligible to reapply for 2 years
  • All of these items must be completed by the date specified in the admission packet

CPR BLS Certificate

Completion of an approved CPR course is required prior to admission to the school. CPR must be taken through American Heart Association only. There are specific dates listed in the admission packet the course must be taken during. You must submit a copy of your CPR card for your admission file as specified in the admission packet.

Financial Aid

The financial aid application must be received by June 15th for the August admission or October 15th for January admission for priority consideration. Your application will not be considered complete until ALL required forms are on file in the Financial Aid Office and have been verified for completeness and accuracy. Contact Financial Aid Officer for further assistance.


The Orientation Coordinator(s) will notify the scrub vendor of all the accepted students allowed to purchase patches. Notification is only done after the deposit is obtained and a criminal background check is performed. All uniforms will be ordered by the accepted candidate as instructed by the Nursing Career Counselor. Uniforms will be in accordance with the Dress Code Policy in place at the time of purchase. Uniforms will be purchased by the students by the deadline stated in the application packet.


An orientation day is held prior to the beginning of the semester. Only accepted applicants attend this mandatory orientation.

Final Admission Status

A final letter of admission is mailed to the student after all medical requirements are met, all final official sealed transcripts have been received, and the admission file is complete. Until receipt of this final notification, the student's admission remains tentative.

Tuition Payment

The initial tuition payment will be in accordance with the Promissory Note signed at the time of admission.


It is the student's responsibility to notify Covenant School of Nursing of any functional disabilities which might interfere with his/her learning and performance as a nursing student and necessitate special accommodations while in school. Furthermore, the student understands that if he/she requires special accommodations because of disability, he/she must request in writing such consideration and submit a current letter from an appropriate licensed professional describing the nature of the functional limitation and specific accommodations needed while a student at Covenant School of Nursing. Only after written documentation is presented can reasonable accommodations be provided.

LVN—RN Transition Program

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) may request admission to the LVN—RN Transition Program for completion of their registered nursing education. This accelerated program reduces the time from the usual 76-week curriculum to a shorter 38 to 57 weeks depending on scores of ATI testing and other factors. For consideration into the Advanced Credit Program, the applicant must meet all regular admission requirements, which include completion of the 12 specific college pre-requisite courses and pre-entrance testing. Refer to the Application Process section for more information.

Application Process

Complete the entire application process as described in Section 2. In addition to the application process LVN's must complete the following by the application deadline:

Hold a current license in the state of Texas as an LVN

  • If an applicant graduated from LVN school more than 2 years ago, they must have completed one year of experience as a LVN within the last 5-years routinely performing basic nursing skills.
  • Applicants beginning the LVN—RN Transition Program within two years of graduation from LVN school will not be required to have LVN work experience.
  • The credit for CSON semester work is dependent upon the Texas Licensure and not the course work of the LVN program.

Admission Process

Complete the entire Admission Process as described in Section III. Additionally all qualified accepted applicants will be offered the Advanced Placement Exam.

Advanced Placement:

  • An advance placement exam will be offered to those applicants who have successfully completed the following:
  • received acceptance or alternate admission status
  • maintain a GPA of > 3.0 (in only the 12 specific prerequisite courses)
  • perform adequate hospital work experience at the discretion of the Admission and Progression Committee.
  • purchase the advance placement exam in the business office
  • pass the advance placement exam (ATI Adult Medical-Surgical exam) with a level 2

Advanced Placement Granted

When a student completes all of the above they could be admitted to the 3rd semester if space permits. If the applicant does not meet the advance placement scores, has a final GPA < 3.0, or space is not available, the accepted applicant must begin with the second semester at CSON.

Registered Nurse Course Transfers

Individuals who are currently or have been recently enrolled in other accredited schools of registered nursing and who desire to seek admission as a transfer student at CSON must meet all admission criteria as explained in the Application Process section.

All transfer students must successfully complete the first semester of the CSON curriculum before enrolling in any remaining nursing courses needed for graduation. A minimum of 38 weeks of nursing courses including N101 and at least N301 or N401 (depending on courses that have been successfully completed with a "C" or higher) must be successfully completed at Covenant School of Nursing.

Transfer students with one failure in required nursing courses from previous schools of nursing will not be granted readmission to CSON following a subsequent failure in this program. Transfer students with more than one failure in required nursing courses from previous schools of nursing will not be awarded transfer credit. These students will be required to meet all regular admission requirements and complete the entire 76-week curriculum. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 38 weeks of the nursing curriculum at CSON. Eligibility for transfer credit depends on the length of time elapsed since satisfactory completion of required nursing courses and enrollment at CSON.


Consideration of admission as a transfer student is not guaranteed or assured. Acceptance and placement in the program are based on space availability, academic/clinical performance at the prior schools of nursing, and the discretion of the Admissions and Progression Committee. Transfer credit awarded at CSON is subject to the curriculum in place when credit is given.

Application Process:

Individuals who are currently or have been recently enrolled in other accredited schools of registered nursing that desire to seek admission as a transfer student at CSON, must meet all application criteria as explained in the Application Process Section II. The Admissions and Progression Committee reviews the file, then assigns the admission status.

Course Description Evaluation

  • Documentation
  • The transfer applicant must provide detailed course outlines and other appropriate information which documents course content for the nursing courses successfully completed at the prior school of nursing
  • Letter of Recommendation from 2 prior nursing instructors be mailed to directly to Covenant School of Nursing
  • Letter of Standing from previous Nursing program
  • Evaluation
  • The Nursing Career Counselor will evaluate the documents and a tentative course schedule necessary for graduation from CSON will be documented.
  • After successful completion of the first semester, the Admissions and Progression Committee will determine a final course work completion plan.
  • This includes the students requirement to score a level 2 on all the ATI exams for the semester the student is exempt from.

Minimum Requirements

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 38 weeks (2 full semesters) of the nursing curriculum at CSON.

  • CSON Course Requirements
  • All transfer students must successfully complete the first semester of the curriculum before enrolling in any remaining nursing courses needed for graduation in the CSON curriculum.
  • The transfer student must achieve a level 2 ATI exam score on all tests required of each course the student is exempt from.
  • Eligibility for transfer credit
  • Eligibility depends on the length of time between satisfactory completion of required nursing courses and enrollment at CSON.
  • Transfer students applying for semester credit:
  • If it is less than one year between the last successful completion of courses from the prior nursing program and the first day of classes at CSON, then transfer credit could be granted for comparable course work after successful completion of the first semester.
  • If it is more than one year between the successful completion of courses from the prior nursing program and the first day of classes at CSON there is no eligible transfer credit.

Prior School of Nursing Course Failure Limitations:

  • Transfer students who are admitted with one failure in a required nursing course from a previous school of nursing will not be granted readmission to CSON following a subsequent failure in this program.
  • Transfer students with more than one failure in required nursing courses from previous schools of nursing will not be awarded transfer credit. These students will be required to meet all regular admission requirements and complete the entire 76-week curriculum.