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Grievance Process

Contested Issues

Schoolof NursingStudent Body

Approved by: Faculty Organization

Statement of Purpose:

Occasionally, an academic or personal issue may occur that requires immediate attention for resolution.


A student(s) may confidentially contest by the following procedure:

The dissatisfied party will meet and discuss the situation with the faculty involved within three school days of the occurrence.

If the dissatisfied party involves more than two persons, two representatives will be selected by the dissatisfied group to represent them at this meeting.

If no satisfactory resolution is attained from that meeting, the student will have three school days to take it to the appropriate Course Coordinator with written documentation.

From this meeting, a course of action will be agreed upon in writing by all persons involved.

The Coordinator will be responsible for the written documentation of the action.

If no satisfactory resolution is attained at the Coordinator level, the student(s) may schedule a meeting with the Dean of Covenant School of Nursing within three (3) school days to request a review of the contested issue.

Reviewed and revised: January 2010

Grievance Process

Schoolof NursingStudent Body

Approved by: Faculty Organization

Statement of Purpose:
Covenant School of Nursing expects every member of its academic community to share the historic and traditional commitment to honesty, integrity, and the pursuit of truth. Students have a right to a fair hearing to formally resolve a contested issue.

Grievance: any act perceived as prejudicial or discriminatory against a student.

Investigation: systematically examine a situation with supporting documentation, witnesses, and sequence of events.

The Grievance Panel shall be composed of the following voting persons:


  • Volunteers who agree to serve in the Grievance Panel pool
  • A total of four faculty members will be drawn randomly from the volunteer pool
  • One alternate faculty member (no voting privileges)
  • Student(s) will be allowed to replace one faculty member through a random draw.
  • The Dean (only votes in the event of a tie)


  • Two of the elected Student Representatives from the Freshman/Sophomore class and two of the elected Student Representatives from the Junior/Senior class, all chosen at random (Pool of 12-16 students).
  • One alternate student (no voting privileges)
  • Student(s) will be allowed to replace one student through a random draw.

All persons in attendance during the grievance process will sign a confidentiality agreement.

Neither faculty nor student involved in the grievance issue will be allowed to participate in deliberations or serve on the grievance panel.

Any faculty member or student who feels they cannot participate objectively is expected to dismiss themselves from the panel at any given time.

In the event a panel member decides to dismiss themselves after the process has started, the alternate will take the place of the dismissed person and take on voting privileges.

The panel will be chaired by the Coordinator of Student Activities or such other faculty member as may be designated by the Dean.

The chairperson will draw the name of a faculty member, from the pool of faculty volunteers, to be in charge of recording minutes with no voting privileges.

Prior to the hearing, the student must provide the Dean a copy of the original documentation of the issue and documentation of subsequent meetings and actions which have been taken in an effort to resolve the issue. These documents will be distributed to the Grievance panel at the time of the hearing and all but the original will be destroyed afterwards.

The student(s) and faculty member(s) shall be given opportunity to present evidence and witnesses that are relevant to the issue at hand. However, neither students nor faculty may have legal representation or other parties present at the hearing who were not actual witnesses to the matter in question.

Minutes will be approved by the panel once the process is completed.

Official records, including complete minutes, and individual cases, a taped verbatim record, shall be kept on file. These sealed minutes, will be signed by one faculty member and one student member of the panel.

The recommendations of the panel for resolving the issue shall be presented to the Dean at the close of the hearing. The grievant will be informed of the decision of the panel at the close of the hearing.

The Dean will apprise the student(s) in writing of the final decision in the matter within three school days.

The decision of the Panel is final and will end the grievance hearing process.

Reviewed and revised: January 2010
Reviewed and revised: July 2011