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How to apply for Spring 2015

The online application will be available on July 15 and will close September 15, 2014, application packets will be accepted at that time.

The following documents are required for your application packet. There are no exceptions all items are required for the application process. Items turned in separately will not be accepted, unless indicated below.

FAQ section listed below!

Start with the online application

Step 1. Online Application – First you must complete the Online application, click here to apply on July 15-September 15. If you indicated Healthcare Certificates or Military Services documentation will be required as well. For Military Service please submit a copy of your DD 214.

Then prepare your application packet

Step 2. Application Checklist - Print the CSON application checklist, click here to download form. This form must be completed and turned in.

Step 3. Resume - Include work history, education and any health care experience/volunteer service. Please make sure to include the following format when listing dates mm/yyyy. Failure to do so will not allow for us to accurately know the timeframe of experience. Please click here to view an example resume.

Step 4. Official High School Transcript - Official, unopened, high school transcript or GED

Step 5. Official College/University Transcripts - Official, unopened, college/university transcript/s, you must submit ALL official transcripts from college and universities attended. Failure to do so will place your application status as incomplete and will not be considered.

Step 6. Reference Forms - Submit 3 complete reference forms in a regular letter envelope. Click here to download reference form. Note that a reference letter is NOT necessary and will not take the place of the reference form. Click here to see example of envelope.

Step 7. TEAS V (entrance exam) - Submit passing TEAS V scores, the adjusted individual scores must be greater than 45.3. Click here for more information in regards to the TEAS V.

Step 8. Immunization Record- You must provide proof of Hepatitis B Vaccine (series of 3 injections). Please have the Immunization Verification form. It is required to be submitted with your application packet. Click here to download form.

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please be aware that all of our students are required to have completed the HEP B series before the start of school. If you have not yet begun to receive this series, or if you will not have it completed before classes begin, you will not be eligible for admission. THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE REQUIREMENT.

Step 9. Payment- The application fee is due at the time that the application packet is submitted. Please note that this fee is non-refundable. Payment must be in the form of a money order payable to Covenant School of Nursing. Cash is not accepted.

$50.00 Application Fee

Step 10. If Applicable

Letter of Standing- from any school of nursing or allied health program you have attended and did not successfully complete or withdrew from. This must be mailed directly to the school at the following address:

Covenant School of Nursing Admissions Office
2002 W. Loop 289 Ste. 120
Lubbock, Texas 79407

Non-USA citizens must provide proof of Permanent Resident alien status.

Convicted of a Crime- If you have ever been convicted of a crime or have any charges pending other than moving traffic violations, you will need to submit a Petition for Declaratory order to the Texas Board of Nursing.

Final Step Submit your Application Packet

You can deliver your application packet in person. Please note that it is not possible for our office to review your application packet at the time it is submitted. Please make sure to submit your documents in a manila envelope (click here to view an example)

How do I submit my application packet?

If mailing your application packet please be aware it must be received by the deadline (postmark by the deadline will not qualify your application). Application packets will only be accepted July 15 – September 15. Mailing address Covenant School of Nursing, Attn: Admissions Office, 2002 W. Loop 289 Suite 120, Lubbock, Texas 79407. To ensure we receive it by mail we recommend you send it certified.

How will I be notified of my admission status?

(Click here to learn How To Create Your Account for your admission status)

You will be notified by email and your status will be updated on Empower. Please make sure to check your email and spam mail regularly as well as your status through Empower. Please make sure to type in your email correctly when completing your online application. Admission statuses will not be provided by phone and statuses will not be given out to friends or family members.

When will I be notified of my admission status?

You will be notified 4-6 weeks from the deadline of September 15th.

Frequently Asked Questions on Applying

FAQ Step 1. Online Application

What do I do if my high school or college is not listed? If your high school or college is not listed please select "not listed".

What is considered a Healthcare Certificate? The following certificates are acceptable if proper documentation is provided. If it is not listed then please email Lupe Sudano at

  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Radiography
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Certified Nurses Assistance (CNA)
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Surgical Technology Certificate
  • Phlebotomy

What type of document do I submit to verify my Healthcare Certificate? Official transcripts or certificates indicating the date of complete and the certification awarded.

Is a CPR Certification considered? No, CPR Certification is not considered for our application process.

How will I know that my online application has been received? An email is sent to the email address you provide on your online application. This will confirm that your online application has been submitted.

FAQ Step 2. Application Checklist

Why is the form required? The form is a guide and serves as an acknowledgement that the applicant confirms having all required documents in their application packet.

FAQ Step 3. Resume

What is considered Healthcare Experience? Please see examples listed below.

  • Doctors Office
  • Clinics
  • Psychologists Office
  • Dentists Office
  • Chiropractors Office
  • Nursing Homes
  • Home Health
  • Pharmacies

Will the care of a family member or friend count as Healthcare Experience? No, the care of a family member of friend does not count as healthcare experience.

How many years of Healthcare Experience is considered? Healthcare experience is taken into consideration starting with a total of 1 year or more of experience.

Are volunteer hours considered? The combined hours/work experience will be considered if it equals 1 year or more included with your healthcare experience.

FAQ Step 4. Official High School Transcript

My school will not release my official high school transcript to me? You may have the school district mail your official high school transcript directly to our office, Covenant School of Nursing, Attn: Admissions Office, 2002 W. Loop 289, Suite 120, Lubbock, Texas 79407.

How will you know that my high school transcript is being mailed to Covenant School of Nursing? Please include a note that your official high school transcript will be mailed to CSON. Please note if your high school transcript is received after the admissions deadline it will not be accepted. Plan ahead and request your documents in a timely manner.

I attended more than one high school? You will only need to submit the official high school transcript from the school that you graduated from.

What documentation do I need if I complete my GED? Please note that if you completed a GED outside the state of Texas you will need to research as to how to obtain documentation per state requirements. If you completed a GED in the state of Texas please refer to the following link on High School Equivalency Information.

Is a copy of my high school diploma acceptable? No, you will need to provide your official high school transcript.

What documentation will I need to submit if I was home schooled? Please refer to the program guidelines from the home school program you have completed.

I completed a Bachelors degree; do I still need to turn in my official high school transcript? Yes, an official high school transcript is still required for the application process.

Will I need to submit my CLEP or AP scores to Covenant School of Nursing? If they are documented in the official transcript from a college or university they will not be required.

FAQ Step 5. Official College or University Transcripts

I attended more than one college or university do I need to submit all transcripts? You are required to submit all and most recent official transcripts (regionally accredited) college or university.

I attended an out of state college or university? You are still required to submit your official college and university transcripts even if it is an out-of-state college or university.

What if my current official transcripts list all the other colleges and universities that I have attended? Not all official transcripts indicate the courses completed at another institution. We must verify courses or programs of enrollment from other colleges and universities.

What if I am having problems obtaining my college or university transcripts? Only official transcripts will be accepted, we highly recommend you start early in researching the process of obtaining your official transcript/s.

Will an unofficial transcript be accepted? We will NOT accept unofficial transcripts for the application process.

I attended college outside of the United States will you accept my foreign transcript? Please contact Lupe Sudano at

FAQ Step 6. Reference Form

Can a relative complete the reference form? No, the reference form cannot be completed by a relative.

How do I get my reference form to the evaluator? Make sure to communicate with the person you have selected to complete your reference form. Provide them a deadline and method to get the completed form sealed with their signature across the envelope.

Who should I select as a reference? Here are some suggestions, a co-worker, supervisor or professor. Please make sure to read over the information being asked of the evaluator.

FAQ Step 7. TEAS V (entrance exam)

What is the TEAS V? The Test of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS) is the assessment used as the entrance exam for Covenant School of Nursing (CSON). The TEAS® assessment is designed to measure essential skills in the academic content area domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, English and Language Usage. These entry level skills were deemed important for nursing program applicants by a panel of nursing program curriculum experts.

Where can I take the TEAS V? The Test of Essential Academic Skill (TEAS) can be taken at Covenant School of Nursing. It is offered between the timeframe of July 15- September 15.

How many times can I take the TEAS V? You are allowed to test at our location twice per application cycle.

Can I submit more than one score? You are allowed to submit more than one test score for the Spring 2015 application cycle.

How long are my scores valid? Scores are valid for a year, if they are expired at the time of the application cycle applicants must submit new scores.

When is the TEAS V offered at Covenant School of Nursing? The TEAS V dates will be posted on our website and offered between July 15 and September 15. It is offered during the time that applications are accepted.

FAQ Step 8. Immunization/Vaccine Records

Where can I get a copy of my immunization records? Here are some recommendations as to where to look for your immunization/vaccine records.

  • Check with your medical provider/clinic
  • Schools that you have attended

FAQ Step 9. Payment

What is a money order? A money order is a form of a payment method.

Where can I get a money order? A money order can be purchased at the place that you bank, convenience store or at the United States Postal Service.

How do I fill out a money order? The money order is made payable to Covenant School of Nursing.

Is cash accepted? No.

FAQ Step 10. If Applicable

Letter of Standing

Where do I request a letter of standing? From the Allied Health Program that you failed or withdrew from. They will need to send it directly to our office. Covenant School of Nursing, Attn: Admissions Office, 2002 W. Loop 289 Suite 120, Lubbock, Texas 79407.

Non-US Citizen

Do I need to submit an original document? A (clear readable) copy can be submitted.

Declaratory Order

Is it necessary to complete the form if I have been convicted of a crime? Please refer the Texas Board of Nursing website.

How long does the process take? Please refer to the Texas Board of Nursing website.

Final Step Application Packet

Only applications submitted in a manila envelope will be accepted. This ensures that your documents are kept together. Please make sure to submit your documents in a manila envelope (click here to view an example)