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Are you ready to start a rewarding career? To play a critical role in one of the most vital teams in the hospital?

Review the Covenant School of Surgical Technology requirements below and decide if a new career as a surgical technologist is right for you. Applications and all materials are due by April 15. CSOST accepts applications year round for classes beginning in July. The application deadline for July admission is April 15.

Application Requirements

All application materials must be submitted together in one packet in order to complete your application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

  • Application Fee- An application fee of $50 must be turned in with your application. The application fee must be paid by check, credit/debit card, or money order.
  • Resume/CV- The Resume/CV should include current contact information, educational experience related to healthcare, work experience related to healthcare (listing dates of employment for each), and any volunteer or shadowing experience. Also include any community service hours or special recognition you have earned.
  • High School transcript or GED verification- An "Official" sealed transcript from high school reflecting graduation must be submitted with all application documentation by the April 15th deadline. Official transcripts must have an original signature and school seal on them. It is acceptable to submit a verified GED in place of a high school transcript or successful completion of an approved home school program.
  • Official unopened college/university transcript- "Official" sealed transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to date must be submitted with all application documentation by the April 15th deadline. If a student applies before all prerequisites are completed, all final official transcripts that reflect any outstanding course work are due prior to the first day of classes by the date stated in the admission packet.
  • Pre-Entrance Examination- All applicants for CSST must successfully pass the TABE exam with a 10.0 or above in all four content areas. Failure to successfully complete this requirement after 3 attempts will result in withdrawal of your application. All applicants must register for the TABE exam with Texas Workforce Solutions. Contact their office for further registration information at
  • Reference Forms- Each candidate must submit 3 reference forms along with the application packet. Evidence of the applicant's character, personality, and other qualities that are important in predicting probable success in the program will be substantiated by recommendation forms completed by individuals selected by the applicant. The required forms and instructions are available online. References from family members will not be accepted.
  • Proof of Permanent Residency- Unfortunately, Covenant School of Surgical Technology is not equipped to accept foreign students. Therefore all applicants must be U.S. Citizens or have established Permanent Residency. If you were born outside the United States you will be asked to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residency. Example of identification accepted would be permanent residency card, certificate of naturalization, or a United States Passport.
  • Interviews- Applicants will be scheduled for individual interviews after receiving the application.
  • Background checks- A background check must be completed and cleared prior to the admission process. A consent form will be signed at the time the application is submitted.
  • Passport photo- Two (2) passport photos must be submitted.
  • Enrollment Agreement-Applicants accepted into the program must sign an enrollment agreement prior to the start of the program.
  • Health Requirements- All accepted or alternate students will schedule an appointment with Employee Health Services at Covenant Health to perform the following:
    • Documented medical history
      • Update required immunizations
      • Lab titer to ensure immunization for the Varicella Zoster
      • Undergo a respirator FIT test
      • TB baseline and secondary test
      • Physical Demand Analysis
      • Perform a drug screen test: if the pre-enrollment drug screen is positive for an illegal substance the candidate will be denied admission to Covenant School of Surgical Technology and will not be eligible to reapply for 2 years
      • Other items needed to complete the student health file
      • All of these items must be completed by the date specified in the admission packet
      • IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: please be aware that all of our students are required to have completed the bacterial meningitis ( if age 22 or under) and HEP B series before the start of school. If you have not yet begun to receive this series, or if you will not have it completed before classes begin, you will not be eligible for admission. THIS IS A NON-NEGOTIABLE REQUIREMENT.
  • CPR Certification- Completion of an approved CPR course is required prior to admission to the school. CPR must be taken through American Heart Association only. You must submit a copy of your CPR card for your admission file as specified in the admission packet. NOTE: If your CPR will expire at any time during the school year, you must have it renewed prior to the first day of school

Online Application

We prefer that all applicants complete an online application and submit a printed copy when applying. If you need assistance with your application please call 725-4307 for assistance. If you are having difficulties please feel free to use the paper application and submit that application with all of your supporting documents by the deadline mentioned above.

Download Instructions

  1. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION here and print.
  2. Complete the forms and remember to add your signature in the appropriate sections.
  3. Submit the form by visiting our office below.


  • Medical Terminology. Course must be completed prior to completing application or proof of enrollment and completion of prior to start date. Can be an online course, community course, or from an accredited college or university.
  • Official transcripts must be provided to the school with the application or upon completion of the requirements.
  • Courses must be completed within 10 years of the program start date.

Discover how you can take part in our sacred mission of healing with a new career as a surgical technologist. Find out more about the Covenant School of Surgical Technology. Contact us or download an application today.

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