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This week the Continue from Ambulatory was turned back on in the MEDITECH EHR. The Screenshots and text below may look familiar, since I have previously sent them out. Since there was a delay between the initial "How to" and implementing the function I am resending the "How to" communication as a refresher..

Medication Reconciliation- Part One: Continuing Medications on Formulary

Shortly before Christmas a number of enhancements were added to the medication reconciliation process. We now have the ability to edit a patient's medication list at the time of our initial medication reconciliation when we start the process through the "Continue from Ambulatory" function. This should resolve the frustration that occurred when we could not edit our patients' medication list at the time of admission.

To access this functionality, start by clicking on the "Orders" button in a patient's chart, as shown below:

Selecting "Orders" will open the following screen:

On this screen, select "Cont from Amb"

Clicking on one of these headers will select the entire column. The individual medications can then be edited, or the drugs can be edited without selecting the entire column.

This opens a one or two component screen. If the medications that your patient is on are all on the hospital formulary, you will see the following screen:

Once you have made any necessary corrections to your patient's medication list, click ok, answer any prompts as necessary, and click save when you are returned to the main order entry screen to confirm and finalize the medications.

Medication Reconciliation- Part Two: Non-Formulary Medications

If your patient is on a non-formulary medication(s), the following addition to the medication reconciliation process should simplify medication reconciliation. The process begins the same as that outlined above. If your patient is on a non-formulary medication then the following screen appears below the screen shown above:

This screenshot shows the new options for non-formulary medication management. The options include Replace by Pharmacy, Replace by Provider and Hold Home Med. As is shown above, the columns can be selected to choose all of the drugs listed.

Selecting Replace by Pharmacy for a medication brings up the following screen, where you confirm this action:

Confirm Replace by Pharmacy here:

Until next time.