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Happy Thanksgiving!

This week's email is coming out a day early, since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

There are (as always) a few topics that are of interest:

ePrescribing Update

Thanks to all of you for your help and understanding last week when we suspended ePrescribing and prescription printing on the floors. The MEDITECH team is in the process of a "fix" that should address the problem. This will be included as part of a larger update to the discharge process. We will provide further information and details as soon as they become available.

Copy to (cc:, carbon copy)

The question has been asked if there is a way in MEDITECH to "cc" other providers for notes generated in MEDITECH. This is incorporated into H&Ps, Consults, full Op Notes and (Long) Discharge Summaries. The screen shots below demonstrate this:

This screen gives you access to the provider "dictionary" which is a listing of all the physicians in the MEDITECH database. I have looked myself up here and by checking the box in the lower field, will generate a copy to myself. You can add as many providers as you would like. If a provider does not show up in the dictionary you can free text them into the field. These reports are then printed on a dedicated printer in Medical Records and faxed to the designated providers.

EEG Orders

There has been some confusion since the MEDITECH implementation regarding how to, and who can, order EEGs. The EEG Techs cannot enter orders. For physicians and others who are entering EEG orders, the following is a quick guide.

EEG AWAKE and DROWSY This is a routine EEG, the most commonly ordered in adults.

EEG EXTENDED >60 MINS This is a one hour EEG, the most commonly ordered in Pediatric patients.

EEG MONITOR AND RECORD This is the LTM, 24hour EEG that is placed at the bedside and stays there for an extended period of time.

These 3 orders will cover most of the EEG's requested for inpatients. If there is an unconventional order or if there are any questions, please call the Neurodiagnostic Lab at 725-4247.

If EEG orders are entered in an alternative way, there may be delays while the Tech clarifies the order. Orders that are entered as ROUTINE will be done in the order they are received during business hours and will be scheduled for the next day if entered late in the day or at night. Orders entered as URGENT will be done the same day. STAT orders will be done 24/7 immediately or as soon as a technician is available. For URGENT or STAT orders the on call technician should be paged at 761-6396.

Discharge Routine

There is a key step that must be completed in the MEDITECH discharge process to allow the Nursing staff to print a patient's discharge packet at the time of dismissal. This is the "Finalize Rx/Orders" button. There has been some misunderstanding on the part of our midlevels regarding this process. If a physician works through the discharge process and doesn't "Finalize Rx/Orders", a midlevel is able to follow behind them, add to/complete the discharge routine and is able to "Finalize Rx/Orders."

Please complete the Discharge Routine in MEDITECH so that our patients are able to go home with the correct information to continue their care.


Most or all of you are now aware of the "Ticket" process. When you call the Help Desk (5-5555) with a problem that cannot be resolved immediately, a Ticket is generated. These Tickets are the process that the IT uses to organize and complete their work. Depending on when you call, there may be some delays in getting your issue addressed and having a Ticket number generated. There is an alternative to calling the Help Desk. If you send an email outlining your problem it generates a message to IT and automatically produces a Ticket and number. The address is:

When you do call in to the Help Desk and get a Ticket number, please write it down and keep, since this is how the IT and the MEDITECH teams keep track of the status of your issue and its resolution. If we need to follow up with them to assist you in resolving your problem it is very helpful for us to have the number.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 725-0265.

Until next week,

Lawrence Martinelli, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Medical Director, Case Management/Utilization Review
Covenant Health
3615 19th Street
Lubbock, Texas 79410
Tel: 806.725.0265
Fax: 806.723.7346