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ePrescribing was reactivated at Covenant Health today. The functionality and work process within ePrescribing remain the as they were prior to ePrescribing being suspended. If you want to use the ePrescribe function in the MEDITECH EHR, you must be signed up with DrFirst, if you have not done so already. This requires completing a form and a physical signature. In order to register with DrFirst (or if you are unsure if you have previously done so) you can contact the Physician Liaisons at 725-5555 and they can assist you. Remember that Schedule II medications still require a written prescription. Schedule III-V medications will print automatically and will require a signature. Please also keep in mind that in order to ePrescribe, the patient's preferred pharmacy must be entered in MEDITECH. This is normally completed by the Nursing Staff at the time of admission.

The ePrescribing process is outlined below with text and screen shots.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 725-0265.

Until next time,

Lawrence Martinelli, MD, FACP, FIDSA
Chief Medical Informatics Officer
Medical Director, Case Management/Utilization Review
Covenant Health

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Tel: 806.725.0265
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  1. Click on Discharge
  2. Click EDIT in Discharge Medications section

  • Cont- Continues the medication as the patient came in on
  • Stop- Stops the home med
  • Renew- Will give the patient a new prescription
  • Details- Used when Renewing a med. Fill in all mandatory fields marked by an (*), and any other fields as needed.

Note: Even thoughDayshas an (*), if you have put inQuantity, it is NOT required.

  • Instructions- where you can tapper medications. Click inside the Instructions section, Select Get, Select Text, Select Taper, and fill in instructions.
  • Reason for Use- Becomes mandatory when medication is PRN.

Select Convert for any Inpatient Medications you want the patient to go home on.

For any other new medications, including IV conversions, use the Medication Name Search to look up for e-Prescribing.

Once you have all your Home Medications continued or stopped, Inpatient Medications converted, and all other new medications filled out, click OK.