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Message from Larry Martinelli, MD, CMIO

PhysConnect vs. Meditech

By Larry Martinelli, MD, CMIO, 725.0265

Since the introduction of PhysConnect I have been a dedicated user of the application. PhysConnect has been the program I relied on to access lab and Radiology results and dictation. I thought that I would be using it until it was pried from my cold dead fingers.

Three weeks ago was the last time I used PhysConnect, and I am not going back. Despite my skepticism about whether Meditech could wean me from my PhysConnect addiction, when I rounded last weekend I gave Meditech a try. The depth of the information available, the ease of navigation and the greater capabilities of Meditech stunned me. After years of listening to our staff complain about Meditech I approached it with trepidation. The results far exceeded my expectations. I had spent about 10 minutes with the CIS staff a few weeks back learning the basics of the program. That, and a little exploring on Saturday was all it took. I am certain that there is more I can do with the program, but it was a pretty good start.

What does Meditech offer that PhysConnect does not?

-Speed. Using Meditech on the desktops at the nurses’ stations is much faster than PhysConnect.

-Patient Lists. Meditech allows us to build our own unique patient rounding list as we work.

-Up-to-the-minute MAR. Whatever is active in the Pharmacy is one click away, and the list is sortable in multiple ways. No more searching for the MAR to see what a patient’s current meds are.

-A unified Radiology menu, with one click access to both the report and the images. No more need to click on each type of Radiology study to access the various modalities.

-Lifetime lab results on a single page. No more side scrolling to get to the older data, and numerical results can be graphed (for those of us who like to do this.)

-Did I mention speed?

I would encourage all of you to try Meditech for all of the reasons above. Many of us have not accessed our Meditech accounts for some time, and many of our passwords have expired. All of us have Meditech logins. In order to access Meditech if you have not done so, reset your password if needed and spend a few minutes learning to use Meditech, please call Josh Mayeux at 725-0174 or 928-4939.

In addition to the enhancements that are available in Meditech now, learning to use the application now helps to familiarize us with the interface and flatten the learning curve this summer when we will all be training to use Meditech.