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Nursing Internship Program

Covenant Health offers new graduate nurses the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive, competency-based, mentored educational program. The Covenant Nursing Internship Program combines classroom work with extensive bedside clinical assignments supervised by a skilled nurse mentor and supported by qualified educators. The program is designed to provide a work experience, which will assist new nurses in developing the knowledge, skills and flexibility to become competent professionals.

Program Objectives

  • To assist in the transition of new nurses from novice to skilled clinician.
  • To develop critical thinking skills through initial knowledge assessment, educational classes and clinical experiences
  • To foster confidence and collegial relationships, as well as develop bedside expertise through association with an RN mentor

Scope of the Program

  • Interns are hired on a full-time basis
  • Internships are available in the following specialty areas:
    • General Medical Surgical
    • Oncology
    • Critical Care
    • Emergency Department