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Covenant Health Partners Receives National Honors for Improving Care Quality, Creating $5.6M in Savings


Covenant Health Partners (CHP), the clinically integrated physician network affiliated with Covenant Health, was one of two hospital/physician partnerships chosen from more than 1,000 nationwide to receive the 2013 Crimson Physician Partnership Awards presented by The Advisory Board Company at its national Crimson® summit in Scottsdale, Arizona. MemorialCare Health System based in Los Angeles also received the award.

The award is in recognition of outstanding hospital and physician partnerships that have resulted in the delivery of higher quality care at a lower cost. This has been accomplished by utilizing advanced technologies to analyze data and enable physicians to see how they compare to other physicians across the country in a number of clinical and other categories.

"As the nation's health care providers move toward new models of accountable care, Covenant Health Partners has achieved outcomes that go well beyond the national standards," said Paul Roscoe, CEO, Crimson. "They have distinguished themselves with their quality of care initiatives while driving more than $20 million in aggregate savings."

Covenant Health Partners improved adherence to evidence-based medications by 24% and spent $3.9 million less than budget for its covered lives population by reducing preventable admissions by 1.1%, reducing advanced imaging by 3.6%, and increasing generics utilization by 3%. Across all quality and utilization initiatives and contracts, Covenant documented an aggregated $5.6 million in savings in 2012.

Over the past six years, CHP has worked with Crimson to engage physicians in establishing a culture of clinical quality and cost performance management.

Building upon this successful foundation of physician engagement, CHP uses the multiple Crimson solutions not only to support its hospital efficiency contracts, but also to perform against an increasing portfolio of at-risk populations.

The physician committees guiding CHP's population health management efforts have piloted an integrated dashboard using both clinical and claims data found within the Crimson technology to provide a comprehensive look at physician performance and to identify opportunities for the health system's riskiest patients. High-risk patients are enrolled in a new care management program, which aims to improve cross-continuum coordination for complex, resource-intensive patients through a combination of hospital bundled contracts, nurse care coordinators and patient navigator support.

"Some of the behavioral change of population health management is with physicians and some of it has to come from patients. We have learned a lot about how to work with our physicians and our patients," said John Grigson, CEO at Covenant Health Partners and CFO at Covenant Health. "Crimson has enabled us to track our performance monthly against quality and per member-per month cost targets and other key metrics to aid our physician engagement." It is anticipated that half of the system's $3.9 million in 2012 savings from population health management will be distributed to CHP physicians.

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