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Hospice of Lubbock Personnel Earn Regional Awards

Hospice of Lubbock Personnel Earn Regional Awards

Director and volunteer are named in advocacy recognition.

Two people associated with Hospice of Lubbock have earned 2015 Texas New Mexico Hospice Organization (TNMHO) Advocate awards.

LaLani Carter, a volunteer, and Charley Wasson, executive director/CEO received the awards March 29 at the TNMHO annual conference in Dallas. Wasson has been with the group six years and Carter more than seven.

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The Hospice Advocate Award recognizes individuals who have served either as a hospice professional or volunteer for no less than three years. Individuals should be nominated for their commitment to the core values of hospice, unique approach to providing and extending hospice services, and exhibit professional and personal development during their service to the hospice mission. Each year, no more than four awards are given out, and all hospices professionals and volunteers are considered.

Carter’s nomination was filled with accolades for her service:

  • Never expected for Hospice to be her passion; one Christmas party with children and she was hooked
  • Bereavement program is a significant part of her life; dedicates time to help plan, develop and implement bereavement programs
  • A hug or pat on the back is standard issue from LaLani
  • Is non-judgmental and respects all people, regardless of their situations; she has a gift for relating to people of all ages, from very young to the elderly

Some of the highlights from Wasson’s nomination, which came from his staff, read:

  • Paradigm shift in the organization when Charley arrived
  • Deliberate in turning negatives into positives
  • Made and stood by difficult decisions; created a culture of doing the right things for the right reasons
  • Expects excellence and reminds staff to use humor, have fun and maintain work/life balance
  • Advocates for people who are vulnerable and in need, patients or not
  • Charley stays abreast of trends; promotes philosophy of education and growth
  • Nurtures numerous partnerships throughout the community; encourages others to become involved with nonprofits
  • Charley has mastered the art of balancing operations and fiscal concerns with relationships

Hospice of Lubbock has had numerous awardees from TNMHO in the past several years, including the 2014 Hospice Program of Excellence award; 2014 Hospice Advocate, Elizabeth Abraham; 2013 Physician of the Year, Frank Ryburn, Jr., MD; 2013 Nurse of the Year, Jo Beth Edwards; 2012 Volunteer of the Year, Bonnie Hunt; and 2012 Nurse of the Year, Amber Maul.

CONTACT: Cheryl Presley, volunteer program coordinator, Hospice of Lubbock, (806) 795-2751 or

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