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Covenant Health, Lubbock PD to Stage Active Shooter Drill

Covenant Health, Lubbock PD to Stage Active Shooter Drill

Limited-scope training prepares agencies for emergency situation.

The Lubbock Police Department SWAT team will conduct a training at Covenant Medical Center beginning at 10 a.m. Wednesday (Jan. 27). The purpose of the exercise/drill is to assess the ability of the hospital and law enforcement to jointly respond to a Code Silver (person with weapon/hostage).

The training scenario, which will last until approximately 2 p.m., will take place in the old Children’s emergency room, which is now vacant, located on the northwest corner of 21st Street and Louisville Avenue. It will include about 60 Covenant employees and other volunteers as role players in the scenario.

The scenario also includes staging areas in the immediate parking lot outside of the former children’s ER. Covenant security will assist LPD SWAT in managing access in and around the training area. There will be a large number of police cars, SWAT team members, and Covenant staff at a portion of the campus where there is usually not.

Surrounding businesses are being notified in advance that a training is being conducted. Other Covenant Health campuses not participating in the drill have been advised there will be a training in progress.

Covenant Health is preparing for a larger-scale drill sometime in the summer.

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