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Covenant Volunteer Turns 90, Celebrates 12,000 Hours "On the Job"

Covenant Volunteer Turns 90, Celebrates 12,000 Hours "On the Job"

What brought Mary Barton to Covenant as an auxiliary volunteer more than 25 years ago was a sense of doing something with the remainder of her life. Barton was a teacher in Littlefield for 28 years and retired in 1990. After retiring she spent years traveling and enjoying her life, but she knew something was missing.

“I knew there was more to life than traveling,” Barton said. “It’s a great feeling to know I am helping others anyway I can, and that means so much to me.”

The employees treat the auxiliary volunteers so well, and I really enjoy the people I work with, Barton said. She also said the people she works with are who keeps her coming back each week. Recently Barton logged 12,000 volunteer hours for Covenant, but she was very humble about the recognition.

“I’m sure there are many other volunteers who have just as many hours as me,” Barton said. “Really loving what my responsibilities are at Covenant helps me keep going.”

Barton has served in several different roles as a volunteer throughout the years. She began by delivering flowers to patients for more than 20 years, which she loved.

“When I delivered flowers to patients I knew it made them happy, even if it was just because I didn’t have a shot in my hand,” Barton said playfully. “I got to interact with so many people, and that was my favorite part about the job.”

Barton has also worked at the information desk, served on the auxiliary board as the corresponding secretary, and currently is an escort.

“I love my role as an escort, it’s my responsibility to take patients to various places around the hospital,” Barton said. “Some of the patients I interact with aren’t in good shape, but I try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

What Barton has loved the most out of all her various responsibilities at Covenant is interacting with people. She is celebrating her 90 th birthday on May 8, so on behalf of the Covenant family, Happy Birthday Mary Barton and thank-you for your many years of service!

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