Covenant Health


Tuition Reimbursement

How to Apply?

Students that have been accepted into a HealthTraxx approved program and wish to apply to receive tuition reimbursement must:

  • Submit a completed HealthTraxx application within 60-days of the beginning of each school year. Late applications may be considered, but there are a limited number of plans available and a late application may result in not being selected.
  • Provide a letter or document showing that you have been admitted to the education program.
  • One-page statement explaining the reasons you believe you should be provided the assistance for which you are applying
  • Recommendation from current supervisor (if employed) and a professional/personal reference
  • Transcript of grades from most recent year of school
  • Covenant Employment Application (for reference purposes)
  • Submit completed packet to:

    Covenant Health-HealthTraxx
    Attn: Saul Caballero
    3615 19th Street
    Lubbock, Texas 79410

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