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My Covenant Experience - Danetta Wesley

When Danetta Wesley sought her doctor’s advice on the migraine headaches that were plaguing her, the last thing she expected to hear was that she had an aneurysm.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what her MRI showed. In fact, a follow-up angiogram found a second aneurysm located behind Danetta’s left eye—a very dangerous location.

That’s all her neurologist in Amarillo, Texas, needed to see to refer Danetta to the Covenant NeuroScience Institute.

"My doctor told me she wanted me to have the very best care available—and that meant making the trip to Lubbock to see Dr. Smith," said Danetta.

A few months later, Dr. Smith did indeed perform the surgery—and ran into complications along the way. "All told, I think I was in surgery for more than 8 and a half hours," said Danetta.

Today, though, Danetta has recovered and is back to doing what she loves—taking care of her family. Her experience at Covenant left her with one overwhelming conviction:

"If I ever have to have surgery again, I’m going to Covenant," Danetta said. "Those people all love their jobs."

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