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My Covenant Experience - Jone Fisher

Like most American women, Jone Fischer was not concerned about heart disease. She did all the right things—ate the right foods, exercised regularly and never missed a checkup. So when Jone's husband told her he would only take an Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) test if she would also have one at the same time, she agreed to provide him with the moral support he was looking for, never thinking she might have a problem.

Used at the Covenant Heart & Vascular Institute to screen for cardiac disease, an EBT test scans the patient's body, creating 3-dimensional pictures of his or her arteries. While her husband's arteries came back clean, Jone's results were less positive.

The test found calcification in five of her arteries. In other words, Jone had heart disease. Luckily for Jone, the EBT caught the problem in the early stages, enabling her Covenant cardiologist to control her condition with medication.

If not for her husband's insistence, chances are she wouldn't have been so lucky. "My dad had a triple bypass at Covenant 30 years ago. If I hadn't had the EBT, chances are that would be me, too," said Jone.

Don't let heart disease sneak up on you. Send for our Healthy Heart Kit and find out what you can do to keep cardiac disease at bay. In addition, join Covenant Health in wearing red for women's heart health during the month of February.

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