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My Covenant Experience - Ron Roberts

Although he works as a meteorologist for a local news station, Ron Roberts could never have predicted the path his life took after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 49.

He spent the next two weeks in the ICU at Covenant Medical Center, desperately trying to hold on to life. Because of the location of the stroke, his doctors couldn’t operate. Instead, they worked to get his blood pressure—the cause of the stroke—under control so the bleeding would stop.

When Ron’s condition finally stabilized, the once-active man found himself paralyzed—unable to move even his left toe. In fact, his doctors weren’t sure if he’d ever walk again.

But Ron adopted a positive attitude when he was moved to the acute care rehabilitation unit. "If you give God your best, you may get something you don’t expect in return," he said.

The next few weeks were grueling, but thanks to his Covenant therapist, Kevin, Ron made a full recovery. Today, the only sign of his stroke is a barely discernible limp—and a profound gratitude to the Covenant acute care rehabilitation team.

"The people at Covenant make all the difference. Their skill and dedication helps you overcome your limitations to again live an active, full life," said Ron.

To learn more about Ron Roberts, you can visit his website here.

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