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My Covenant Experience - Shirley Igo

Shirley Igo is a Covenant Health success story twice over. First diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer in 2003, Shirley turned to the Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment Center (JACC) for help. After a rigorous treatment plan that included radiation, chemotherapy and a hysterectomy, she was given the all clear.

But, the next year her doctor in Plainview found an abdominal carcinoma. In other words, the cancer was back. Undaunted, Shirley returned to JACC.

"They were so wonderful the first time, I knew I wouldn't be comfortable receiving treatment anywhere else," Shirley said.

After more chemotherapy and extensive surgery, Shirley is again in remission—and grateful for the help she got at JACC.

"I couldn't have asked for a more considerate, caring team," she said.

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