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Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

A kidney transplant is a procedure in which a person whose own kidneys have failed are replaced, with a healthy kidney from another person. The newly placed functioning kidney takes over the work of cleaning blood in the body system.

When you are referred to Covenant’s kidney transplant program, you will undergo an evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate according to medical and psychological criteria.

The initial evaluation process usually takes a full day. You will meet with the entire transplant team including your coordinator, a transplant social worker and a transplant surgeon.

Types of Kidney Transplant

One option available is to receive a kidney from a member of your family. This kind of transplant is called a living-related donor. A living-unrelated donor would be a spouse, friend or even a stranger. One benefit of a living donor transplant is that once you have completed your evaluation requirements, the team can proceed directly to transplant.

Another option would be to receive a deceased donor kidney. The wait for a kidney is very much dependent on the candidate’s tissue type, blood type and donor activity. Organ procurement and retrieval are coordinated through LifeGift of West Texas.

Ask your transplant team about paired kidney donation. This also may be an option for you.

Waiting Periods

The time it takes to get a kidney varies. There are not enough deceased donors for every person who needs a transplant. You must be placed on a waiting list to receive a deceased donor kidney. However, if a relative or living unrelated donor gives you a kidney, the transplant operation can be done sooner.

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