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Maternity Services

The Covenant Women's Center is home to the most advanced birthing facility in the region. When you have your baby at Covenant Women’s and Children's Hospital, you’ll stay in the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere of our mother-baby center through every phase of your childbirth experience, from labor and delivery to recovery.

Covenant Health's Women's Center has led the way for maternity services in Lubbock and the West Texas region in the last decade for several reasons.Here are just a few:

Our Experienced and Caring Staff

Covenant's nurses are among the most experienced, credited, and qualified nurses in the nation; all possessing specialized credentials to make them a key asset to their nursing areas, such as: IBCLC breastfeeding certified nurses, Inpatient Obstetrics certified nurses, Low-Risk Obstetrics certified nurses, Certification of Fetal Monitoring, and RN IIIC (highest Registered Nursing accreditation available), among many others.

Covenant Prenatal Care Center

The Prenatal Care Center provides comprehensive prenatal care under certified family Nurse Practitioner, Casey Owings. She works with the premier obstetricians of Covenant Medical Group to provide the best personalized care for you and your baby, with decreased wait times. The Prenatal Care Center accepts most commercial insurance plans, Texas Medicaid and self-funded patients. Call (806) 725-7625 for more information.

Couplet Care

In order to provide a more patient and family centered care focus, Covenant Women's Center has innovated the delivery experience by offering families couplet care. This care method allows mothers and their babies to remain together throughout their hospital stay to promote bonding between parents and babies. Each couplet (mother and baby) is cared for by the same nurse after delivery. This ensures a continuity of care for each and a consistent communication of mom's and baby's needs. Involved in couplet care, we at Covenant Women's Center encourage skin to skin upon delivery of your baby; this is where the baby is placed on the mom's or dad's chest immediately following birth (including cesareans). Skin to skin has been shown to keep your baby warmer, more relaxed, have a more stable heart rate, and greater breastfeeding success.

Included in our couplet care model, the newborn hearing screening will be done at the bedside in the parents' room so that they are involved in every step of their baby's care. Covenant is the only hospital in the region that screens every newborn for congenital heart disease, which is not required in the state of Texas, at no additional cost. We at Covenant believe that by going the extra mile in your child's care, this newborn hearing screening method prevents babies from being sent home with the risk of developing serious complications in the first few weeks of life.

Delivery, Your Way

At Covenant Women's Center, we support our patients and work to accommodate each family's requests. To fulfill a more natural birth experience, patients may want the opportunity for a low or no-intervention birth in a warm, comfortable setting; Covenant Women's Center Ambient Birthing suite would accomplish this. Covenant Women's Center also provides the region's only DONA trained and certified birth doulas for any patient (natural delivery, low-intervention, induction or cesarean), completely free of charge. Our DONA certified doulas initiate communication before the gestational age of 30 weeks, to ensure an established, comfortable and transparent relationship, prenatal to postnatal.

Please see the below linked Essential Planning Guide for New Moms for more Covenant Women's Center exclusive features.

Facilities include:

  • 13 labor and delivery suites
  • 2 operating/ delivery rooms and a recovery room
  • 40 mother-baby rooms in the women’s center
  • Newborn nursery
  • Level IIIC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • Private waiting room

In addition, we offer private suites, room service, and a state-of-the-art mother and baby monitoring system. You’ll also enjoy all the pampering of a fine hotel, including a gourmet meal for two, wireless Internet access, baby care gifts and more.

Other features include

  • Excellent Physicians – Our laborist program features board certified and board eligible OB/GYNs who are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This means our expecting moms will receive the absolute best care and personal attention from our physicians.
  • Family-oriented environment - Fathers, siblings and other special people are encouraged to play active roles at this special time through flexible visiting hours.
  • Rooming-in policy - This allows you to keep your baby with you as much as desired.
  • Newborn education - Nurses and patient educators are available to assist with your baby’s care so you feel confident in your infant care skills prior to going home.
  • Lactation services- We offer a complete Breastfeeding Program, including a Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Breastfeeding Counselors. You will have personalized education and support, including one-on-one assistance if the need arises. We encourage all moms to take advantage of the Prenatal Breastfeeding class prior to delivery. Outpatient services include the Infant Weight Check Clinic and Breastfeeding Support Group.
  • Infant security - We place identification bands on infants and parents immediately at birth. This, along with a number of other security measures, ensures the safety of you and your newborn during your hospital stay.

Baby’s first photo

View your newborn’s first photo in the baby photos section.

You are offered beauty and excellence in newborn photography during your stay with Covenant by Paper Moon Photography which is a top, leading company in newborn photography. Our goal is to take striking photographs of your newborn without the stereotypical hospital look. We strive to provide each of our clients a unique and enjoyable experience as we help to capture these precious moments through stunning photographs. We thank each of our client's for letting us be a part of your family during this joyous event.

Our take on newborn photography:

We are not your point and shoot photography company. We dedicate 30 minutes exclusively for your newborn's session to guarantee exquisite, quality photographs that you are proud to show to loved ones.

Each of our photographers is extensively trained under Cyndi DuPont who has nearly two decades of experience photographing newborns.
Our staff works with you one on one to develop and meet your photography needs.
Our company has dozens of outfits for you to choose from so if you did not bring anything that is photo-ready you have plenty of options to fit any style.
There is no sitting fee and no photographer's fee. Covenant graciously covers those costs so that your photography session is complimentary to you during your stay.

How to book an appointment with Paper Moon Photography:

A representative from our company will come by your room where they will set up an appointment time that works best for you, and you may select your outfit.
Our studio is located on the 4 th floor in room 442. If we are not in a session at that time stop in and talk with one of our staff about an appointment.
You can contact our office directly at 806-725-6411 or email us at

We look forward to meeting you and your newborn!

For more information on any of these services, or to schedule a tour of Covenant Women's Center, please call 806.725.6667

Visitation Policies

  • Visiting hours are 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., with a limit of four visitors at a time.
  • Visiting hours are 24 hours a day for support person (i.e.: spouse, father, grandparent).
  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed general visitation on the Mother/Baby Unit.
  • Siblings under 14 years of age are allowed to visit. Sibling visitation must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times.
  • Anyone who is ill or has been exposed to a communicable illness should be restricted from visitation.
  • Any exceptions to the visiting hours (after hours) will be approved only after the lobby security officer has secured permission of the nursing unit staff.