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Covenant Health Hosts Free Allergy and Asthma Fair

Covenant Health Hosts Free Allergy and Asthma Fair

Get answers about asthma, seasonal and food allergies, and more.

Along with back-to-school shopping and first-day outfits, parents may be thinking about their child’s asthma or allergies as the beginning of another school year approaches.

Covenant Medical Group is hosting its annual Allergy and Asthma Fair from10 a.m.-noon, Aug.11 at Covenant Health Southwest Medical Park 1st floor lobby, 9812 Slide Rd.

“Ours is the most comprehensive allergy, asthma and immunology clinic in West Texas,” said Dr. Goutam Shome, allergist and immunologist with Covenant Medical Group. “We have the largest group of primary care providers. In addition to traditional allergy asthma and immunology care we specializing allergen immunotherapy, rush immunotherapy, comprehensive food allergy evaluation for allergic/immunologic gastrointestinal diseases.

Visitors to the Covenant Allergy and Asthma Fair can learn how to take control of allergies and have an opportunity to get questions answered by Shome, one of Lubbock’s leading allergists and his staff. The event is free. Topics include:

• Seasonal allergies • Prevention of allergy and Asthma

• Asthma education • Sinus problems

• Asthma action plan • Immune system evaluation

• Food allergies • Hay fever

• Allergy Injections • Lung function test

Shome said at the allergy fair he will have nurses and medical assistance to perform spirometry on the visitors, show them how they do the skin test, explain the role of allergies in chronic conditions like asthma, allergic rhinitis/hayfever, allergic skin disease and more. Visitors will be able to view videos regarding many allergic diseases. In addition they will also perform rhinolaryngoscopy, and comprehensive allergy asthma and immunology education.

“We also have several patients with familial auto inflammatory diseases where we use biologics in treating their condition,” Shome said. “This is unique in our practice dealing with this extremely rare familial inflammatory disease.”

For more information on the free allergy and asthma fair, or other questions, please call (806) 725-8420.

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