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Covenant Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month

Covenant Celebrates National Breastfeeding Month

On August 6th, 2011, the United States Breastfeeding Committee officially declared August to be National Breastfeeding Month. This declaration was in an effort to remind new and expectant mothers about the benefits and importance of breastfeeding.

Breast milk has endured many studies that continue to show many reasons why breastfeeding is best for both mom and baby.

Benefits for Baby:

  • The Liquid Gold "aka Colostrum": Colostrum is the thick yellow milk that your baby receives the first few days of life. It provides protective antibodies and nutrients.
  • Digestion: Breast milk is easier to digest than formula, especially for those babies born preterm.
  • Breast Milk changes to suit your baby: As your baby develops, so does the breast milk that your body makes. From colostrum, your body then begins to make "mature milk". Mature milk has perfect amounts of fat, sugar, water, and protein that aids in the growth of your newborn.
  • A Superhero against disease: Breast milk is filled with hormones, antibodies and cells that act as a protecting agent from illnesses for your baby. There is not a formula that has been able to match the protection provided in breast milk. Babies who are fed breast milk are likely to experience less ear infections and diarrhea. Babies who are fed formula are at higher risk for:
  • Necrotizing enterocolitis
  • Lower respiratory infections
  • Asthma
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes

Benefits for Mommy:

  • Lifestlye: While breastfeeding may be difficult to figure out at first, those who stick with it have found that it makes life a lot easier with a newborn. Breast milk is always available at a moments notice and is already warmed and ready to serve. Breastfeeding also eliminates cleaning of bottles, nipples, etc.
  • Money: Formula, bottles, and other necessary feeding supplies can really put a dent in your pocketbooks. Breastfed babies also tend to have fewer visits to the pediatrician, saving you money on medical expenses.
  • Mother-Baby Bonding: Infants are used to being in their mother's womb, therefore, they benefit greatly from being close to their mommies. That benefit also translates to mom, requiring her to take quiet time to relax and bond with her new little one. Being skin to skin with your baby can boost a mother's oxytocin levels, which is a hormone that helps milk flow and helps to calm a stressed out mommy.
  • Health: Studies have shown that there is a link between breastfeeding and a lower risk of multiple health problems in women, including: Type 2 Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Postpartum Depression. Many have also seen a link between breastfeeding and faster weight loss for mommy.

Covenant Cares

Covenant Women's and Children's celebrates the wonderful decision to breastfeed and we want to help new moms as they begin their breastfeeding journey.

At Covenant, our Lactation Specialists will be available to assist with the steps of breastfeeding. They are happy to guide you through this learning process and be a strong support for you during this time.

Once discharged from Covenant, those same Lactation Specialists are still available to you. By phone or through appointments, you are welcome to continue to work with our consultants for as long as necessary in order to successfully meet your breastfeeding goals.

Other Breastfeeding Support that Covenant Offers:

Free Baby Weight Checks

Every Monday

11:00 AM – Noon

5th Floor Education Classroom at Covenant Women's and Children's

Free Breastfeeding Support Group

2nd Thursday of every month

11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

5th Floor Education Classroom at Covenant Women's and Children's

For more information about either of these groups, please call Lactation Services at 725.6403.

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