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For Nurses

Covenant Health’s Clinical Academy

Covenant’s Clinical Academy provides an integrated, consistent support structure for mentoring, career guidance and development, and new nurse onboarding to make sure our nurses are reliably prepared, inspired, and challenged in their evolving role as a nursing professional.

As part of our competency-based orientation, graduate nurses are automatically enrolled in the Clinical Academy as Residents and placed in the clinical tract most closely related to their desired specialty area.

  • Acute Care Nursing/Medical Surgical
  • Orthopedic
  • Oncology
  • Critical Care/Telemetry
  • Emergency Department
  • Perioperative Services
  • Obstetrics

In addition, all residents are enrolled in the Core Fundamental Course, designed to assist the new nurse in transitioning to the role of a healthcare professional. Unit or department trained preceptors provide support in the clinical setting. Experienced nurses or those desiring a change in their practice setting may enter the program as fellows.

Clinical Academy programs are designed to enable both residents and fellows to thrive in their practice at Covenant Health. We strive to make your learning and development experience meaningful, rich, and beneficial. All of the programs:

  • Aim for the highest clinical quality, and patient and nurse safety.
  • Are designed to support the nurse’s professional development and effective transition to key specialty roles.
  • Are based upon specialty-specific and nationally recognized standards, incorporating evidence-based practices. Each program is evaluated and updated annually.
  • Leverage clinical simulation as an essential training tool to deliver state-of-the art learning, On-line learning modules are embedded within the Academy programs.
  • Incorporate comprehensive feedback to measure success and constantly improve.

How long is the program?

  • Length will vary by specialty, but may last up to 24 weeks. Because these programs are competency based, length of time may vary based on assessment of progress during the program.
  • Program hours will vary between class time and matching resident/fellow schedules with their preceptors.

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