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For Nurses

Covenant Health’s Nursing Philosophy and Professional Practice Model

Nurses at Covenant embrace the core values of the organization which provide the foundation for a caring and healing environment for patient-centered care. Our practice model combines the concepts of Relationship-Based Care with the values and behaviors most important to Covenant nurses as we work together to fulfill the mission of our ministry. Relationship-Based Care was chosen as the foundation of our practice model because it is focused on patient and family centered care and endorses our ministry’s belief in meeting the needs of the whole patient—body, mind, and spirit.

Covenant Health’s Professional Practice Model, as depicted by the windmill, is the schematic representation of our framework for patient care, nursing practice, and collegial relationships. Windmills have dotted the West Texas horizon for decades and are symbolic of the heritage of this region. The traditional windmill operates on a simple principle. The energy in the wind turns the blades on the windmill around a rotor, which spins to create energy, bringing fresh water from beneath the plains.

The mission of Covenant Health provides the foundation for nursing to provide exceptional care and compassion to those we serve. The eight blades of the windmill represent those components that are most important to nurses at Covenant as they provide care and grow professionally: Shared Governance, Sacred Encounters and Compassionate Care, Nurse Appreciation, Evidence-Based Practice, Teamwork, Work-Family Culture, Professional Development, and Leadership. As a result, we are able to meet individualized patient/family needs—body, mind, and spirit.

The windmill reflects our practice environment built on a foundation of faith and supported by our values of service, excellence, dignity, and justice. Patients and their family members are at the center of an environment stabilized by the concept of relationship-based care.

The philosophy of nursing at Covenant values work as a “calling.” Our belief is that nurses choose caregiving out of a passion to serve. Fulfillment results from a contribution to a greater good. Putting the patient and the family at the heart of every decision and empowering them to be genuine partners in their care is the goal of nursing at Covenant. Spirituality is incorporated into our daily practice as nurses, recognizing that each person’s spiritual beliefs are personal.

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