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Shared Governance

Shared governance is a model of shared decision-making giving staff nurses autonomy over their practice, creating an environment that supports nurses making decisions about clinical practice standards, quality improvement, professional development and nursing research. Departmental councils address issues impacting the organization, while unit councils serve their specific patient populations and needs of the staff.

  • Staff Nurse Professional Practice Council—Provides a forum for unit council chairs to address issues and make decisions about clinical practice standards.
  • Research Council—Promotes nursing research and increases the ability of all nursing staff to provide evidence-based care and practice.
  • Professional Advancement Council—Manages the Professional Advancement Career Program based on a modification of Benner’s Novice to Expert theory.
  • Professional Development Council—Assures the design and delivery of education services and value-based competencies meet the needs of all Covenant nurses, supported by the Continuing Nursing Education Council.
  • Staffing Effectiveness Council—Monitors nurse staffing plans, providing recommendations to ensure safe and quality nursing care.
  • Recruitment and Retention Council—Provides input for recruitment of qualified nursing staff while developing plans to promote nurse engagement, supported by the Student Advocates.
  • Quality/Safety Councils—Evaluate best practices and evidence-based research for improving nurse sensitive indicators and patient quality outcomes.
  • Nursing Congress—Provides guidance for council chairs and serves as a governing body for the shared governance structure.

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