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Preparing Your Child for a Hospital Stay

At Covenant Children's Hospital, we understand that a hospital stay can seem especially frightening for a child. And although our staff is specially trained to care for sick and injured children, there are things you can do to help prepare your kids:

  • Talk to them—explain where they're going and what's going to happen when they get there. Find out what their perceptions of the hospital are, and clear up any confusion. But don't offer more details than they're interested in.
  • Bring reminders of home—Familiar things are comforting, no matter how old you are. Pack your child's favorite pajamas, toys and books. And if there's a special teddy bear, blanket or other security object, bring it to the hospital.
  • Permit choices—Kids feel better when they have some control over their care—whether it's what pajamas they'll wear or what arm they'll get the injection in. Let them make decisions whenever possible.
  • Use hospital resources—We offer a variety of child support services to help make your child's stay pleasant. Feel free to ask for help from one of our child life specialists or our children's chaplain.
  • Ask for a family friendly "pediatric patient guide" to help you navigate the hospital system.

Rely on Covenant Children's Hospital to provide the quality health care your children deserve right in your own neighborhood. When you're ready to get the region's best pediatric care for your child, use our online tools to find a physician or contact us for more information.

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