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Children's Hospital

Emergency Care

At one time or another, every family needs emergency medical services. And when your child is sick or injured, the closer the hospital is to home, the better. That’s why Covenant Children’s Hospital built the region’s only dedicated emergency center for children and why it continues to the be the only pediatric emergency center staffed with an extensive complement of board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine providers. A hospital just having a physical space dedicated to pediatrics does not necessarily provide quality pediatric care. When your child needs emergency care... chose Covenant Children's... staffed with pediatric emergency medicine providers - providers who have extensive and specific training in pediatric emergency care. At other facilities your child may not even see a pediatrician, let alone a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician!

We’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and always staffed by physicians and nurses specially trained in pediatric emergency care. In addition, everything in our facility, from the equipment in patient rooms to the medical technology we use, is designed to meet the unique needs of children. Learn more about Covenant Children's Emergency Services here.

Pediatric Trauma Center

When children with traumatic injuries arrive at the emergency department, they are treated in the ONLY Pediatric Trauma Center in Lubbock, and the broader region. With 12 rooms specially designed to accommodate families, the trauma center is equipped with the latest patient monitoring technology, so physicians and nurses are immediately aware of any change in a child’s condition. Learn more about our pediatric trauma center here.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Sometimes, our patients are just days—even hours—old. These special babies are cared for in our Level IV Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Certified neonatologists are always on hand to care for premature and critically ill patients using the latest technology and most advanced equipment.

Rely on Covenant Children’s Hospital to provide the quality health care your children deserve right in your own neighborhood. When you’re ready to get the region’s best pediatric care for your child, use our online tools to find a physician or contact us for more information.

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