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Covenant Specialty Hospital

Recovery following a traumatic injury, serious illness or major surgery is a slow and painstaking process. For patients with complicating medical issues, such as diabetes or chronic respiratory disease, that process may require extended acute support beyond the typical hospital stay. Covenant Specialty Hospital is the region’s newest acute-care option for patients whose hospital stays average 25 days or more.

Covenant Specialty Hospital offers state-of-the-art support, specialized treatment programs and aggressive clinical and therapeutic intervention by physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and other caregivers. This healing environment is designed to be family-friendly, with 56 private patient rooms offering nonrestrictive visiting hours, a kitchen/dining room, outdoor rest areas and a therapy garden, as well as conference rooms where families can meet with the medical team to discuss treatment plans and review progress.

Inpatient Services

Covenant Specialty Hospital is prepared to deliver a comprehensive range of health services for acute-care patients. The facility includes two procedure rooms, a mobile X-ray unit for in-house imaging and a respiratory therapy department. When necessary, other services may be provided by Covenant Medical Center.

Because our patients’ conditions can change rapidly, all rooms are designed to support telemetry monitoring. Specialized rooms are available for ventilator use and in-room dialysis, while others are equipped with negative/positive pressure capabilities to reduce the risk of infection.

Covenant Specialty Hospital offers three care programs:

  • Medically Complex Program. For patients with multiple system failures following a hospital stay, this supportive program provides IV therapy, dialysis and/or nutritional support. Intensive nursing and rehabilitation are provided to help patients regain the health stability to move out of an acute-care setting.
  • Pulmonary/Ventilator Management Program. This program is designed to reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical respiratory support, either following a surgical procedure or in response to chronic respiratory disease. Our team of respiratory therapists works with patients to rebuild strength, improve lung function and regain communication skills. Participants in this program include both those recovering from a major surgical procedure, such as cardiac bypass, or with a serious respiratory condition, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Wound Care Program. Chronic, hard-to-heal wounds can become a serious problem for patients recovering from trauma, surgery or an extended stay in bed. Our specialists offer a range of treatment options, including debridement and skin grafts, to accelerate the healing process and reduce the occurrence of pressure ulcers.

Easy Patient Referral

Covenant Specialty Hospital works closely with referring physicians to develop an appropriate treatment plan and coordinate long-term care. To refer a patient, please call (806) 470-3826.

Contact Us

3815 20th Street
Lubbock, TX 79410

2nd Floor Nursing Unit - 725-9230
3rd Floor Nursing Unit - 725-9240

Crysty Huffaker
Operations Manager
Covenant Specialty Hospital
T: 806.725.9292 F: 806.725.9201

Julie Bell, MSN, NE-BC
Director of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer Covenant Specialty Hospital
T: 806.725.9204 F: 806.725.9201

Ely Perea
Executive Director Post Acute Services
Covenant Health
T: 806.725.9290 F: 806.725.9201

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