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School of Nursing

LVN-RN Track

CSON accepts applications for fall classes. Applications are only processed during the designated application period.

To Apply for

Application Period

Prerequisite must be completed by

Fall 2022

April 1 - May 13, 2022

May 2022

Fall 2023

April 1 - May 12, 2023

May 2023

Requirements to Apply

* Every Applicant must have one year work experience as an LVN.

* If an applicant graduated from LVN school more than 2 years ago, they must have completed at least one year of experience as a LVN within the last 3-years.

* CSON awards credit for the LVN Texas Licensure but not the program previously attended.


For consideration into the LVN—RN Track, the applicant must have a valid LVN license to practice in the state of Texas and meet all regular admission requirements, which include completion of the specific college pre-requisite courses.

Licensed vocational nurses may request admission to the LVN-RN Track for completion of their registered nursing education. This accelerated track is 27-weeks in length and includes a 14-week integrated didactic instructional module followed by a 13-week instructional module dedicated to clinical experiences in advanced medical-surgical and specialty populations including pediatrics, mental health, and obstetrics/gynecology.

To graduate from Covenant School of Nursing, students must be able to fully attend and successfully complete all classroom, lab and clinical components of each required nursing course. Students who successfully complete our program are eligible for licensure as a registered nurse (RN) once they pass the National Council Licensure Examination-RN (NCLEX-RN).


After completion of high school or obtaining a General Educational Development (GED) certificate, eight specific prerequisite college courses must be completed from a Regionally Accredited College or University (National Accreditation is not accepted without approval) before beginning training at Covenant School of Nursing.

Prerequisite courses must be from a regionally accredited college or university with a minimum grade of "C". To qualify to apply, you must have a grade point average of 2.5 or higher in the required prerequisite courses. The most recent prerequisite grade will be used to calculate the prerequisite GPA. CLEP credit is accepted in English I, English II, Chemistry, and Human Growth and Development only and has to be on the official transcript. Dual Credit, AP, or CLEP is accepted for the applicable courses if the grade meets school requirements. Please make sure that all Dual Credit, AP or CLEP credit is on the official transcript. If you have questions in regards to a prerequisite course that you have taken please contact our office. The Admissions and Recruitment offices are available by appointment to applicants for academic guidance during the pre-nursing phase of completing these required courses.

To make an appointment, please call and ask for the Admissions Officer at 806-725-8902 or Recruiter at 806-725-8949.

Covenant School of Nursing LVN-RN Prerequisite Chart

If you have additional questions in regards to the courses listed above please contact us.

*Please note: A&P I and A&P II* must have been completed within the last ten years.

Application Requirements

Please note that application requirements for the LVN-RN Track have changed effective Fall 2018 Application Cycle.

Step 1: One or more years experience with LVN license.

Step 2: HESI Fundamentals Assessment

Important notice: LVN’s that are interested in applying to Covenant School of Nursing will be required to take the HESI Fundamental Assessment prior to applying. The minimum score CSON will accept is 850 or higher.

*The HESI Fundamentals Assessment will be available starting on April 1 and ending during the deadline week of the LVN to RN application cycle.*

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 2.

Step 3: Online Application (click here to apply)

*All applicants must complete an online application. If you have Healthcare Certificates or Military experience, please provide a copy of certificate or DD 214 for Military Experience in your application packet.

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 3.

Step 4: Application Checklist

Click here to download Application Checklist form.

Step 5: Acknowledgement Form

Click here to download Acknowledgement form.

Step 6: Official High School Transcript or GED Verification

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 6

CSON requires an Official sealed high school transcript, verified GED or successful completion of an approved home school program.

Step 7: All Official unopened college/university transcript

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 7

Official sealed transcripts from all colleges and universities attended to date must be submitted with the Application for Admission. If a student applies before all prerequisites are completed, all final official transcripts that reflect any outstanding course work are due by the date stated in the admission packet. Covenant School of Nursing and Allied Health will give consideration of credit from other institutions accredited by an agency recognized by the United States Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for prerequisite courses only. Please make sure that the all official transcripts are recent and are not more than a semester old (please see detailed instructions).

Step 8: Healthcare Form(Click here to download)

Please fill out and submit the healthcare experience form with your application. If you have more than two healthcare experiences, print out and include additional pages.

Step 9: Immunization Verification Form

Click here to download form

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please be aware that all of our students are required to have completed the bacterial meningitis (if 22 or under) and HEP B series before the start of school. If you have not yet begun to receive this series, or if you will not have it completed before classes begin, you will not be eligible for admission.

Step 10: A photocopy of your Driver’s License or ID

Step 11: Proof of LVN Licensure

Applicants must provide a valid LVN license verification, printed off the Texas Board of Nursing website.

Step 12: Application Fee

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 12

An application fee of $50 must be turned in along with your application. The application fee must be paid by check, credit/debit card, or money order. Cash is not accepted for this fee.

Items turned in separately will not be accepted, unless indicated below. Failure to submit required items will make your application incomplete.


Step 13: If Applicable

Click here for detailed instructions on Step 13

Proof of Permanent Residency

Unfortunately Covenant School of Nursing and Allied Health is not equipped to accept foreign students. Therefore all applicants must be U.S. Citizens or have established Permanent Residency. If you were born outside the United States you will be asked to provide proof of citizenship or permanent residency. Example of identification accepted would be permanent residency card, certificate of naturalization, or a United States Passport.

Letter of Standing

If you have begun a program of nursing or allied health in the past and not successfully completed it, you will need to request a letter of standing from that program. This letter simply states that you are eligible to apply to their program again in the future. The letter must be mailed directly to the school.

Letter of Eligibility

CSON requires a letter of eligibility from the Texas Board of Nursing if a petition for Declaratory Order is required related to any criminal charges or convictions including misdemeanors (with the exception of simple moving violations). Contact the Board of Nursing for details about submitting a declaratory order to obtain your Letter of Eligibility CSON will not require a background check until the applicant has been accepted for admission.

Submit your application packet

You can deliver your application packet in person. Please note that it is not possible for our office to review your application packet at the time it is submitted. Please make sure to submit your documents in a manila envelope (click here to view an example). If mailing your application packet please be aware it must be received by the deadline (postmark by the deadline will not qualify your application). To ensure we receive it by mail we recommend you send it certified.

Mailing address:

Covenant School of Nursing,

Attn: Admissions Office,

1919 Frankford Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79407


Students are required to have a personal electronic device. The following specifications are required for the device to be compatible with the Learning Management System, ExamSoft, and HESI Resources

.•PC: Operating System: 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Windows 10.(Alternate versions of Windows 10, such as Windows RT and Windows 10 S,are NOT supported at this time). Only genuine, U.S.-English versions of Windows Operating Systems are supported.oCPU: 2.0 ghz Intel i3 processor or higheroWindows: Chrome (latest version) and/or Firefox (latest version)

•Mac:OS X 10.13 (High Sierra), OS X 10.14 (Mojave), macOS Catalina (10.15). Only genuine versions of Mac Operating Systems are supported.oCPU: Intel processoroMac: Safari 11 (or latest version)

•RAM: 4GB or higher

•Hard Drive: 1GB or hgher available space

•Microsoft Office 2010 or higher (Office 365 recommended)

•Adobe Reader

•Adobe Flash enabled

•JavaScript enabled

•ExamSoft does not support Tabletdevices other than Surface Pro.

  • Surface laptops that come with non-detachable keyboards are permitted.

  • Non-Pro Surface devices are not supported for ANY institution.

Admission Status

After the application deadline, Covenant School of Nursing will consider all qualified applicants whose application files are complete and up to date. Selected applicants are then sent an email regarding their status as accepted, alternate, disqualified or declined admission. Notices are sent 4 weeks after the application deadline. We cannot give any admission status updates over the phone or to family members. Accepted and alternate candidates will be required to complete all of the requirements according to the deadlines listed in their admission packet.

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