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School of Nursing

Application Requirements

CSON accepts applications for fall and spring classes. Applications are only processed during the designated application period. Applicants that are accepted for Fall start in July or September. Applicants that are accepted for Spring start in February or April.

To Apply for Application Period Prerequisites must be completed by
Spring 2022 July 1, 2021 - September 3, 2021 December 2021
Fall 2021 January 1, 2021 - April 1, 2021 May 2021

*The application deadline for Fall 2021 RN program has been extended until April 2, 2021.*

We highly recommend applicants calculate their GPA prior to submitting their application. Applicants are required to have a 2.50 GPA or higher in the required prerequisite courses in order to apply. The most recent grade earned is used to calculate the pre-requisite GPA regardless of the prior grade earned. Please click here to see an example of how to calculate your GPA.

Step 1: Online Application (The online application can be done at any time during the application period.)

Step 1 click here for detailed instructions on how to apply

The following steps will consist of items required for your application packet. Items turned in separately will not be accepted. Failure to mail in ALL required items will place your application as incomplete and will not be considered.

Tips for turning in your application packet:

1. Go through your packet one last time to ensure everything on the checklist is included.

2. Please make sure all forms are filled out completely and there are no spaces left blank.

3. Please make sure you have the correct HESI print out that shows the scores for ALL categories.

4. The immunization form needs to be filled out completely. Example is shown. If you do not have your immunizations complete, you will need to have the titer done. (Right side of form.)

5. ALL transcripts including dual credit need to be included in your packet. (ANY and ALL colleges you have ever attended or taken classes.) DO NOT HAVE THEM SENT TO CSON.

6. Should be placed in a manila envelope.

If you have any questions about the application process email Mrs. Herrera at

Step 2: Application Checklist

Step 2 click here to read the instructions

Step 2 click here to download the Application Checklist

Step 3: Acknowledgement Form

Step 3 click here to read the instructions

Step 3: click here to download the Acknowledgement Form

Step 4: Official High School Transcript or GED Verification

Step 4 click here on how to obtain and submit your high school transcript or GED Verification

Step 5: All Official Unopened College/University Transcripts

Step 5 click here on how to obtain and submit your official transcripts

Step 6: Pre-entrance Examination

Step 6 click here on how to register for the HESI Exam

Step 7: Immunization Verification Form

Step 7 click here to download the Immunization Verification Form

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please be aware that all of our students are required to have completed the bacterial meningitis (if 22 or under) and HEP B series before the start of school. If you have not yet begun to receive this series, or if you will not have it completed before classes begin, you will not be eligible for admission.

Step 8: Copy of Driver's License or ID

Step 9: Application Fee

Step 9 click here on how to submit your payment for the application


Step 10: Click here to read the instructions for the following:

Proof of Permanent Residency

Letter of Standing

Letter of Eligibility

How to submit your application packet

Submit the application packet to our office either by mail or bring it to our office at the address listed below. Please note that it is not possible for our office to review your application packet at the time it is submitted. Please make sure to submit your documents in a manila envelope (click here to view an example). If mailing your application packet please be aware it must be received by the deadline (postmark by the deadline will not qualify your application). To ensure we receive it by mail we recommend you send it certified.

Mailing address:

Covenant School of Nursing,

Attn: Admissions Office

1919 Frankford Ave.

Lubbock, Texas 79407

Admission Status

After the application deadline, Covenant School of Nursing will consider all qualified applicants whose application files are complete and up to date. Covenant School of Nursing will be conducting interviews, please note that not all applicants will be selected for an interview. Selected applicants are then sent an email regarding their status as accepted, alternate, disqualified, or declined admission. Notices are sent 4 weeks after the application deadline. We cannot give any admission status updates over the phone or to family members. Accepted and alternate candidates will be required to complete all of the requirements according to the deadlines listed in their admission packet.

How to check your admission status online

Click here to learn How To Create Your Account for your admission status

You will be notified by email and your status will be updated on Empower. Please make sure to check your email and spam mail regularly as well as your status through Empower. Please make sure to type in your email correctly when completing your online application.

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