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School of Nursing

Tuition and Fees

Please review the chart below for details about our tuition and fees. For any questions about tuition and fees or payments, please contact the Business Office Coordinator at (806) 725-8901 or email Please make any payments payable to Covenant School of Nursing and payments may be mailed to:

Covenant School of Nursing

Business Office

1919 Frankford Ave.

Lubbock, TX 79407

Tuition and Fee Chart for RN Program

Estimated Cost of Books & Supplies


1st and 2nd


3rd and 4th


5th and 6th


7th and 8th




$ 700

$ 250

$ 300

$ 300

$ 1,550


$ 200

$ 200

Description of Miscellaneous Expenses

Books and Uniforms

The student will be required to purchase the approved books and approved uniforms at their own expense. (Approximately $1,750.00 paid over the 8 instructional modules.)

Uniform Accessories

Cost of watch, shoes, stethoscope, etc. is determined by personal selection but must meet CSON dress code.


Required for course work.

Transcript Fees

Official transcripts are $3.00 each. Unofficial transcripts are $5.00 each. Students may request transcripts from the Business Office. Academic transcripts furnished from other institutions are part of the student's permanent file and copies will not be made available by CSON.

ID Badge Replacement

A $10.00 replacement charge will be required for a lost or stolen badge.

TBON Application Fee

$100.00 – Paid to Texas Board of Nursing Examiners for application to test: 4 months prior to graduation


$200.00 – NCLEX application fee to take boards paid to Pearson/Vu: 1 month prior to graduation.

Description of Required Fees

HESI Testing & Materials Fee

HESI is a licensing exam preparation program utilized by CSON

Simulation Center Fee

Simulation lab supplies and equipment maintenance

Building Fee

Building fees and maintenance

Software License Fee

Student information system and learning management system

Computer Access Fee

Computer hardware and maintenance

Student Services Fee

Student Administrative Services

Graduation Fee

Graduation cost

LVN-RN Cost of Attendance

Covenant School of Nursing provides a LVN-RN Track for LVN’s who seek to obtain their RN. The cost of these programs are different than the information above because students enrolled in those programs do not complete the entire traditional RN Program. A breakdown of these charges are included below.

Tuition and Fees Chart for LVN to RN Fast Track

Payment Options

Tuition and fees are due, and must be paid, at the beginning of the applicable enrollment period. Students who are not eligible for financial assistance (Federal, WIA, TRC) and who are unable to meet the tuition and fee charges must use the payment schedule located on their Tuition and Fees Schedule and/or Promissory Note.

Tuition must be paid 15 days after the designated date (See Tuition and Fee Schedule/Promissory Note) if the student is to remain enrolled. If a payment schedule is in place, all tuition must be paid in full before students will be allowed to advance to the next module, and all applicable tuition and fees for the second module must be paid in full before graduation.

*Tuition and fees are non-refundalble and subject to change without notice.*

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