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Covenant Health Foundation

Employee Giving

Covenant Cares

Covenant Cares inspires giving that goes above and beyond our promise of "know me, care for me, ease my way," by supporting innovative and impactful ideas that will delight our community of caregivers and patients, but need financial support.

Covenant Cares is a Covenant Health caregiver giving program that is caregiver-funded, caregiver-administered and caregiver-distributed. The caregiver campaign provides funding for equipment and programs throughout our health system based on requests submitted by our caregivers. The Covenant Cares Funding Board comprised of anonymous caregivers, meets quarterly to determine funding distribution decisions.

Since the inception of Covenant Cares in 2003, our employees have donated more than $7 million to Covenant Health to give our patients the best possible health care. On average 50% of employees participate in the giving program.

Caregivers who give an hour of pay per month receive eight hours of paid time off and reward points, which can be used to purchase items from the Covenant caregiver online store, similar to popular consumer shopping websites.

If you are a Covenant caregiver and would like to participate, contact Covenant Health Foundation at (806) 725-6089.

Covenant Cares donation card.

Keeping the Covenant Employee Campaign

When the Keeping the Covenant capital campaign kicked off in the spring of 2015, we first turned to our caregivers, doctors, and leaders in our fundraising efforts. We believe caregiver giving inspires others in our community to give and conveys more than words of our commitment to our patients. Over our five year capital campaign, more than 1,600 caregivers donated $832,054 to the campaign.

Employees who donated were given a t-shirt with the Keeping the Covenant logo annually and are encouraged to continue wearing them on Fridays to support this initiative.

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