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Infill Project


Keeping the Covenant is underway with construction beginning on the new dining facilities and Endoscopy and Day Surgery units. This portion of the master plan has been dubbed the “Infill” project, because the space between the main hospital and the Heart building will be filled with new construction. The Infill involves “relocation of core services to modernize the hospital and enhance patient care and experience,” says Dan Pope, Chief Development Officer of the Covenant Foundation.

The Infill project began with relocation of the current valet parking entrance to just west of its previous location. Visitors and patients can still enter the valet area from 21 st street in a new drive near the former valet exit. A temporary valet canopy faces 21 st street and patrons can enter the hospital through a new temporary main entrance. Following completion of the Infill, valet parking will move again to the front of the new construction utilizing the same driveway.

Relocated from the west tower, the Endoscopy and Day Surgery departments will occupy the second floor of the Infill. “The new departments are designed to be very efficient and flexible based on patient volume,” says Kelly McDaniel, Vice President of Covenant. These modern accommodations will include new equipment and space for six endoscopy suites.

On the first floor of the Infill building new kitchen and dining facilities for visitors will be created, with an expanded physician dining room on the third floor. Visitors can purchase a variety of selections from the serving area and eat in nearly 8,000 square feet of new dining space. The dining room will have a two-story ceiling and faces a new concourse to the Heart building and atrium.

The new Heart concourse leads to what is currently the lobby of the main building. An open atrium style area, the concourse will be home to the Salem library and include visitor seating. A new sky bridge will be constructed to connect the west garage to the concourse.

As a pillar of the medical community in Lubbock, Covenant cares about our patients and their families. We are working to provide the most comfortable experience and the best medical care here west Texas and the surrounding areas. We are Keeping the Covenant.

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