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Joe Arrington Cancer Center


A cancer diagnosis is life changing. Should cancer affect your family, Covenant is her to support you. As part of Keeping the Covenant, the Joe Arrington Cancer Center (JACC) is undergoing a massive renovation to improve patient flow, update technology and create a soothing environment for patients and their families. “Every step we have developed is patient-centered,” says Shelly Biggs, Director of Clinical Operations at the JACC.

Little in the current space will remain unchanged and the JACC is procuring two new linear accelerators and a state-of-the-art gamma knife for radiation treatment. “This is a big deal,” says Kelly McDaniel, Vice President of Covenant Health, “No one else in the region has this equipment.”

The new Elekta radiation machines are among the most comfortable and accurate on the market. “The new linear accelerators allow us to deliver radiation very precisely and spare healthy tissue,” says Biggs. Scheduled to arrive in November of this year, the new gamma knife melds patient comfort and pin point accuracy. Physicians are able to take and view images of the patient immediately prior to their procedure and program the knife based on those images.

The overhaul of the JACC is not all about technology, “We are striving for privacy and family space,” says McDaniel. From diagnosis to treatment the focus is on the patient. “We want to make our patient’s journey a dignified journey,” says Biggs. With this goal in mind, the renovation will include relocation of dressing rooms closer to treatment rooms and private infusion bays for chemotherapy patients.

Physician offices and clinics are moving to the main office building adjacent to the JACC to make way for individual infusion rooms, tripling patient capacity. Although located in different building, “our physicians are just steps away from their patients,” says Biggs.

In an effort to streamline workflow and improve care, the lab areas will be expanded and allow for greater privacy. The pharmacy will also move down a floor to the infusion area to allow for quicker delivery of medication to the patient.

The first floor lobby and reception area will be redesigned for privacy during registration and will include family space for conference with doctors. Additionally, private consultation areas are provided for social workers, the Chaplin, and financial counselors.

Families of patients have particular needs and the new JACC facilities are laid out to meet those needs. “We are not just taking care of the patient, but also the caregiver,” says Biggs. To this end, the main floor will also include a reading room, chapel and family resource center. Also planned is a family business center where caregivers can plug in and still be near their loved one.

In the main office building, connected to the JACC, the Covenant Breast Center will be completely refurbished and receive a change in lay out for quicker, more private screenings and care. The Center will also gain its own exterior entrance facing 22 nd street.

The exterior of the JACC will get a facelift and new landscaping including reflection gardens to establish “a place for people to just take a breath,” says Biggs.

Cancer doesn’t care who you are or where you live, but we do. On the South Plains, the best in cancer care is at the Joe Arrington Cancer Center and we pledge to give you latest technology in the most comfortable setting. It’s our way of Keeping the Covenant.

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