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Little Pillows, Big Purpose


From the pediatric specialists to the kid-sized pillows in patient rooms – Covenant Children’s is built specifically for kids. While our incredible staff provides incredible care to each patient, community partners graciously donate their time and resources to support the healing of our patients’ mind, body and spirit.

Big pillows not suited for little arms and legs

In 2002, a nurse at Covenant Children’s noticed that the pillows in patient rooms were far too big for the tiny arms, legs and heads of the patients. She approached a woman at her church, South Plains Church of Christ, to see if she could solve the problem.

That woman enlisted the help of other like-minded ladies and the pillow ministry was created and has been serving Covenant Children's ever since. Sandy Ellis became leader of the group in 2010.

“We have between 10 and 16 ladies who come to sew each Tuesday,” Sandy said. “Of the ladies who work on a regular basis, I am the youngest at 66, and the eldest of my precious ladies just turned 94. We have had children who want to help as well, so we teach them to stuff and sew. ”

A lasting impact

The pillow ministry has made a lasting impact on Covenant Children’s and our patients.

“We have received feedback from parents of the children our pillows benefit, as well as notes written by the children – those are the best!” she said. “Thank you notes come in to the church office and we love reading them.”

The last thank you note Sandy received contained a donation to the church for the pillow ministry. Sandy said it was thoughtful, and very unexpected.

“We have one scrapbook full and another about 2/3 full of cards, letters and even pictures of the children sent by their parents,” Sandy said.

Made with purpose

“We do not make and distribute these pillows for the recognition or to be boastful about what we are doing,” Sandy says. “We don’t want that. It is done with love by Christian women who want to make a difference in the lives of the people who are touched by these pillows and for them to know that God is always there for them.”

They believe the ministry is a way for the women to share their God-given abilities with patients.

“It is a gift God gave each of our ladies – to have the ability to sew and make these pillows,” she said.

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