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DAISY Award: Rebecca Meador


Congratulations to Covenant Health’s October DAISY Award winner, Rebecca Meador, RN, BSN, CCE, IBCL – Perinatal Education.

Here’s what one of Becky’s coworkers said about her:

“There are countless ways Becky goes above and beyond to make a significant difference! An easy example might be our regular baby weight clinic for nursing mothers. It happens every Monday. Becky usually chooses to be there. She, of course, weighs babies, but she also remembers by name and by situation the regular couplets and the ones with problems, always listening, focused on a personal level and offering encouragement. Her true caring and concern is easily perceived by the mothers. Many return every week just for the opportunity to interact with her and benefit from her extensive knowledge. This week “Susan” came again. She is diabetic and has been struggling to produce enough milk for her son. Becky took her aside for privacy and praised Susan’s efforts with specific examples. She empathized with this mom’s frustration and disappointment. Then she helped Susan understand what parts of her challenges she could influence and to understand that there were some things she could not – (for example, her body’s ability to produce more milk despite her best efforts). Becky’s confident explanations helped Susan define her circumstances and recognize that the job of diabetes regulation had to be her number one priority so that she can provide her baby with some breast milk supplemented by formula and become the healthy, happy mother that her son needs and she wants to be. Tears glistened Susan’s smiling eyes. Her posture lifted and her face glowed, showing her immense relief and even joy as she thanked Becky. Due to Becky’s knowledge and sensitive care she was able to accept her possibilities.

Becky is a compassionate nurse who leads by example. Because of Becky’s passion for quality care for new mothers and babies, she managed to instigate, research, educate and push to accomplish the goal of “Texas Ten Steps” for breastfeeding at Covenant Women’s and Children’s Hospital. She is now leading the hospital with the goal of qualifying for the certification, “Baby Friendly.” Because of her enthusiasm, dedication and long hard work these significant changes to quality patient care are happening.”

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