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Keep from Knockin' the Noggin!


Covenant Children’s has teamed up this summer with Kohl’s for the Lids for Kids bicycle helmet giveaway. The event will take place on Saturday, July 15th from 10 a.m. - noon at Safety City, located at 4500 Avenue U in Lubbock, Texas.

However, according to Katie Brideweser, RN and certified pediatric emergency nurse in Covenant Children’s emergency department, helmets are not just for bicycles, nor are they just for children. Wearing a helmet is the easiest way to prevent head injuries, and it should be second nature for any child getting on a bike, just like putting your seatbelt on in a car.

“We definitely see more of these types of injuries in the summer, because kids are out playing more on their bicycles, scooters, rip sticks, skate boards, roller blades – ALL of which should require helmets!” Katie said. “The types of injuries we see can be anything from minor lacerations, wounds – things like that – to severe head trauma. The only thing standing between the child’s head and the pavement (street, sidewalk, curb, etc.) or a vehicle is the helmet, so it’s absolutely crucial they have it on for protection.”

Having the helmet fit properly also is imperative. Here’s are 3 tips Katie suggests ensuring adequate fit:

  1. Measure the circumference of the child’s head in inches with a tape measure before you go to purchase the helmet.
  2. Have the child try on the helmet, according to the “rule of twos.”
    1. Two fingers above the eyebrow
    2. Two perfect V’s made by the straps going around the ears to below the chin
    3. No more than two fingers of space under the chin strap
  3. Have the child nod and shake their head “yes” and “no” to make sure it is snug and does not move. This works well for younger children who may not be able to tell you it’s loose.

“Although parents should look for functionality over looks, if the helmet is ‘cool’ or ‘cute’ in aesthetics – making it more likely that the child will wear it – by all means, get the cool one, as long as it fits properly and is approved by the Consumer Products Safety Commission,” Katie recommends.

“Unfortunately we see a lot of obstacles as to why kids don’t have helmets, which is why the event with Kohl’s is so important. Helmets are not terribly expensive, but if a parent needs to find one at a resale store, just be sure it’s in good shape,” she said.

Here are 2 helpful hints she offers when checking the condition of a helmet:

  1. Look for any damage to the outside, the shell. Look for cracks or any abrasions to the outside.
  2. Look on the inside as well. Make sure the chin straps are intact and that the foam padding is not damaged or missing any pieces.

Lastly, Katie says all adults should be role models for kids: “Children are going to follow your example, so whether that’s older children or adults supervising the younger ones, everyone riding should be wearing one, and it should be second nature, just like getting into a car and buckling up, to put on a helmet when going out to play on their bicycles, scooters and those related activities.”

This post is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please seek medical advice from your physician for any related medical condition. If you are in need of a primary care doctor, click here to find one in the Covenant Health network.

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