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Blog Posts in May, 2017

What to Eat Before Working Out

It’s a good idea to eat before a workout – but you need to know what and when to get the needed benefit and avoid problems. “About every two weeks we need to stop someone from finishing their workout because they are feeling ...

Quit Smoking Today With the Right Help

The benefits of quitting smoking start within 20 minutes of your last cigarette as your blood pressure and heart rate begin to recover. Within 24 hours, your chance of having a heart attack decreases. Within 48 hours, your nerve endings start to ...

Here Comes the Sun

Having a sun-kissed look or bronze glow has long been a symbol of health and vigor in some cultures. In fact, many studies show suntanned people are rated as more attractive than their paler counterparts. But at what cost? Dr. Jehanzeb Riaz, a ...

Meeting Patient Needs in Crisis

To mark the 43 rd -annual National EMS Week, Health Calling talked to Lisa Hogue, paramedic supervisor for Covenant Ambulance Service to learn what they do to serve Covenant Health patients. How is Covenant Ambulance Service different from other area ...

5 Common Questions About Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is hereditary, easy to treat with a gluten-free diet, but not common or easy to diagnose. Dr. Timothy Miller, a Covenant Health Partners gastroenterologist, discussed the sometimes baffling disease this month as May is National Celiac ...

Can't Stop Sneezing?

May is recognized as Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, although allergy and asthma sufferers are usually painfully aware of their condition. There is no cure for allergies or asthma but they can be controlled. Dr. Goutam Shome is a board-certified ...

6 Truths About Lupus You Should Know

About 1.5 million Americans have lupus, with 16,000 cases diagnosed each year. Approximately 5 million people worldwide have a form of lupus. There is very little public awareness about lupus; in fact, the only thing many people know about the ...

Open Channel of Communication, Key to Child's Mental Health

Dr. Chandra Lasley, mental health counselor at Covenant Health 's Horizons outpatient clinic, is emphatic about the importance of a week dedicated to bringing awareness to children’s mental health. “It reminds us that children are ...

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