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Patient-Centered Care One of the Hallmarks of Covenant Health


October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness month, but for Covenant Health, it’s something the caregivers strive for daily. However, a group of volunteers works tirelessly to assure that families and patients are always heard.

Covenant Health has two patient family advisory councils, one at Covenant Medical Center and one at Covenant Children’s.

“Throughout Covenant there are many strong signs of our passion and commitment to patient and family-centered care; it is truly the foundation of who we are,” said Cayce Kaufman, Covenant’s executive director of Patient Experience. “Having a Patient and Family Advisory Council to guide us is one of the most profound manifestations of our commitment to Patient and Family-Centered Care.”

Tonya Abbott, one of the patient and family advisors, has been on all sides of the equation.

“Being on the council means a lot, because I have been on all sides,” she said. “I have been a patient, the family member of a patient, and an employee. We all have to work together to make the healing happen. And having the perspective from all sides helps me contribute more. It’s a holistic approach.”

Larry Jordan, another member of the council, said it’s important that the patient and their family understand that they are as much a part of the healing process as the doctors and nurses.

“The cooperation and the teamwork that is required between the hospital staff and the family is what is going to help that patient get better, do better and feel better about the entire process they go through. It has to be a team effort,” he said.

Here are some of the activities and accomplishments of the Covenant Medical Center council:

  • Assisted with changes in the Patient Information Guide to make it easier to use and more patient friendly
  • Assisted with video presented to staff at Town Hall meetings about what a difference they make in patients’ lives
  • Served as advisors to Food and Nutrition about the new dinnerware and trays that will be purchased
  • Conducted environmental rounds and looked through the eyes of the patients/visitors for wayfinding improvements
  • Reviewed printed materials from to improve wayfinding
  • Learned what we measure for patient experience, how it is reported and how it affects reimbursement
  • Launched a DVD drive for JACC patients
  • Reviewed the proposed Security system and how it will affect visitors
  • Members were assigned secret shopping duties to improve customer service
  • Assisted with Hospital Week activities
  • Created medication education for patients/families
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