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Blog Posts in November, 2018

Starting the Sanitarium and Nursing School

Rod Ponton discusses his grandfather’s role in starting Lubbock Sanitarium and the nursing school 100 years ago.

Helping to Grow Lubbock

Sig Hutchinson discusses his grandfather’s role in helping grow Lubbock Sanitarium and the city of Lubbock.

Doubling Efforts

Alan White discusses the duplication of efforts by the hospitals in the time period leading up to the merger.

An Arms Race

Dan Pope discusses the ‘arms race’ that led to the need for the merger of Methodist and St. Mary hospitals and how the cultures fit together.

Early Beginnings

Don Abbe discusses the early beginnings of the Lubbock Sanitarium and the Plains Hospital along with their mergers and name changes.

Coming Together

Sharon Prather discusses putting together the group of Methodist and St. Mary representatives to discover any deal breakers that might halt the merger.

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