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Autism Awareness Month
blog post

April is Autism Awareness Month; April 2 is recognized as World Autism Awareness Day. Covenant Medical Group pediatrician Dr. Jeremy Dalton talked with us about autism. “Autism is a biologically based neurodevelopment disorder that is ...

Heroes Helping Children Cope in the Hospital
blog post

Covenant Children’s is the only hospital in the region built just for kids. It should be no surprise that its Child Life Department is perhaps the driving force helping it to be kid-friendly. March is Child Life Month, so let's take a look ...

Keep Those Kidneys Healthy
blog post

March is National Kidney Month! Dr. Kompal Parmar, family medicine physician at Covenant Health’s Southwest Medical Park, shared with us about the importance of our kidneys, as well as how our kidney’s function and how to keep them ...

Is Spring Cleaning Poisonous?
blog post

It's National Poison Prevention Week! This week coincides with the start of spring to remind families of the hazards that can sneak into spring cleaning and other projects. Dr. Samuel Herrera, one of Covenant Children’s emergency medicine ...

Patient Safety Always Top Priority
blog post

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety led by the National Patient Safety Foundation. Each year, health care organizations internationally take part in the event to create awareness in the ...

Napping, Narcolepsy and all the ZzZzZ's
blog post

The week leading up to the second Sunday in March (the spring time change, or "Spring Forward") is recognized as Sleep Awareness Week. The change twice each year to and from Daylight Saving Time brings light to sleep issues and sleep ...

Increasing Colorectal Cancers in Younger People
blog post

A new study shows an alarming increase of colorectal cancers in younger people, while rates for people over 50 years of age have dropped. “This is of special concern because these age groups have not been included for routine colon screening ...

All About HIIT Training
blog post

One of the biggest reasons people don’t exercise is time. So High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an interesting alternative as pointed out in a recent New York Times piece. But is it right for you? Tommy Parrish, director of Covenant ...

Interpreter Services at Covenant Health

“As soon as they hear their own language, there are visible signs of relief.” Rafael Marin, Covenant Health ’s Interpretive Services lead, stressed the impact of someone being able to communicate to health care personnel in their ...

The Mighty Thyroid
blog post

Dr. Stan Garrett, family medicine physician at Covenant’s Northwest Clinic, reached for his throat. “They thyroid is kind of … here, below where your voice box is. Most people don’t know it’s there, because it’s ...

Healthier You in 2017: Body
blog post

You drive your car every day but never get an oil change. You keep the house nice and toasty in winter but never change your furnace filter. Would you do the same with your body – your greatest asset you can’t replace? Taking care of your ...

Covenant Children's Provides Best-Care for Children in the ER
blog post

Covenant Children’s is a designated Level II Pediatric Trauma center, a distinction its Emergency Department has held for 13 years. Covenant Children’s also has the only emergency room dedicated specifically to children and youth. Aijalon ...

Birth Defects Prevention Month
blog post

According to Dr. Kevin Worley, one of Covenant Health ’s maternal-fetal medicine experts, about 3 percent of all births have some type of birth defect, which makes them fairly common when you take them in aggregate. Worley says cardiac defects ...

January is National Blood Donor Month
blog post

An abundant and safe blood supply is critical for hospitals to do their healing work. That is why Covenant Health makes it convenient for employees to give the gift of life, a donation of blood, something that cannot be replicated or synthetically ...

Healthier You in 2017: Spirit
blog post

If you turned the corner on the new year and feel your faith life needs a revival, Covenant Health Chaplain Bary Moynihan has some suggestions: Be in the Word daily. “There are apps on the phone, daily Bible reading tools, daily devotional ...

Healthier You in 2017: Mind
blog post

A new year and if you’re pondering resolutions, here are some thoughts about improvements from the neck up. And yes, the last two are not specifically about your noggin, but they can help support better mental health. Thanks to Dr. Shena Smith, ...

It's Not Too Late!
blog post

You’ve likely heard it a dozen times, but Covenant Health ’s Dr. Angela Ferguson says she can’t express how important it is to get your flu shot this year – and it’s not too late! Contrary to the common myth that the flu ...

Coping with Holiday Grief
blog post

Most of us look forward to the sights, sounds and scents of the holidays. Christmas carols, twinkling lights, family and friends, shopping for gifts, and sweet aromas in the kitchen – all of these can elicit a heightened sense of excitement and ...

Toy Safety: "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"
blog post

Many of you might recognize the title of this post from the popular holiday movie, “A Christmas Story,” featuring little Ralphie Parker, and his desire for a Red Ryder B.B. gun, the hot toy of the time. Unfortunately many of the gifts we ...

16 Years of Generosity
blog post

For the 16 th consecutive year, the Callaway family from Dexter, N.M. delivered new toys to Covenant Children’s. The Callaway family became part of the Covenant Children’s family when their daughter Lindsey was diagnosed with a malignant ...

Don We Now Our Holiday Stress
blog post

‘Tis the season for being over-committed, over-scheduled, setting expectations much too high, and making promises even the most disciplined elf can’t keep. But Ashlee Bost, one of Covenant Health ’s licensed mental health ...

Hand Hygiene Made Easy
blog post

There are so many things in life that are hard, but hand hygiene is not one of those things. This week is National Handwashing Awareness Week and Covenant Health 's Regional Manager of Infection Prevention, Charlotte Wheeler, has four simple ...

Tips to Staying Safe in Winter Weather
blog post

As the cold weather moves in, it’s important to take the proper precautions to stay safe during the winter season. Dr. Stan Garrett, a family medicine physician at the Covenant West Clinic, offers a few safety tips: Cover skin. One of the main ...

5-Second Rule: Fact or Myth?
blog post

The next time you’re ready to invoke the “five-second rule” for dropped food, a Covenant expert says you may want to reconsider – no matter how good or expensive the tasty morsel. “Scientific literature has shown the ...

Wellness Tips for Black Friday
blog post

While all the non-shoppers are warm in bed Thursday evening after their Thanksgiving feast, Black Friday enthusiasts will brave the crowds and the cold to snag all the best deals this holiday season. For all the Black Friday enthusiasts out there, ...

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