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Lubbock Avalanche - Journal Monthly Series

Please look for the monthly Covenant Health Centennial articles in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal in the back of Section A. They are featured on the third Sundays of the month, through January 2019. View recent editions: February 14, 2019 December 21, ...

Keeping The Covenant Extended Trailer

Watch the extended trailer for Keeping the Covenant: 100 Years of Faith and Healing. You can view the full documentary here:

Keeping the Covenant Documentary

If you missed watching the documentary on KTTZ, stream the video here:

100 Years and Beyond

As we look back on Covenant's century of health care on the South Plains, we appreciate all who made 2018 so special, including these who gave their personal well wishes.

Pioneer Cardiologists

Dr. Paul Walter discusses the pioneer cardiologists who put Lubbock on the map and the many cardiac firsts in the region at Covenant Health.

Finding Your Calling

Chris Shaver discusses Covenant Health being a great place to work and a great place for caregivers to find their higher calling.

Regional Investment

Richard Parks discusses the comprehensive ministry improvement project and the investment into the region to better serve patients.

Our Christian Heritage

Kelly McDaniel discusses the commitment to celebrate the Christian heritage of Covenant Health.

Striking a Balance

Walt Cathey discusses how Covenant is balancing the quality and service endeavor that patients want.

A Blending of Cultures

Roger Key discusses the blending of the cultures of St. Mary and Methodist Hospitals during the Covenant merger.

Like-minded Caregivers

Kristen Kothmann discusses the impact of Covenant Health on the region and how the values of the ministry attract like-minded caregivers.

Easing the Way

Ethel McLeod discusses how the merger eased the way for patients seeking healthcare.

Bringing Care to You

Danny Johnston discusses how the merger assisted in serving patients in under-served regions, closer to their homes.

Starting the Sanitarium and Nursing School

Rod Ponton discusses his grandfather’s role in starting Lubbock Sanitarium and the nursing school 100 years ago.

Helping to Grow Lubbock

Sig Hutchinson discusses his grandfather’s role in helping grow Lubbock Sanitarium and the city of Lubbock.

Doubling Efforts

Alan White discusses the duplication of efforts by the hospitals in the time period leading up to the merger.

An Arms Race

Dan Pope discusses the ‘arms race’ that led to the need for the merger of Methodist and St. Mary hospitals and how the cultures fit together.

Early Beginnings

Don Abbe discusses the early beginnings of the Lubbock Sanitarium and the Plains Hospital along with their mergers and name changes.

Coming Together

Sharon Prather discusses putting together the group of Methodist and St. Mary representatives to discover any deal breakers that might halt the merger.

Sister Maureen's Leadership

Jake Henry discusses the growth of St. Mary of the Plains under the leadership of Sister Maureen Van der Zee.

A Special Effect

Charlie Trimble discusses how Sister Maureen Van der Zee, St. Mary of the Plains administrator, had a special effect on the people she worked around.

George Brewer's Influence

Ethel McLeod discusses George Brewer and his influence on Methodist Hospital.

A Passionate Administrator

Dr. Frank Ryburn discusses his memories of long-time Methodist Hospital administrator, George Brewer.

Working with George Brewer

Dr. Teb Thames discusses a humorous incident he encountered with George Brewer, Methodist Hospital administrator.

Lifesaving Care

Van and Cindy May discuss the importance of Covenant Health in their lives and how the caregivers saved her life. Twice.

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