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Lift Yourself Out of Osteoporosis Pain? Weights Could Be the Answer For You!

When it comes to countering the effects of osteoporosis, there’s one tool that literally does a lot of heavy lifting. It’s a common barbell because, contrary to what you might think, putting weight on weakening bones is actually a good ...

Obstacle Courses Take Running to the Next Level

If you're not daunted by a workout that includes challenges with names such as Goliath and Everest, have no problem getting muddy or jumping over a fire pit, and pushing yourself to physical and mental limits is your idea of a good time, then ...

What to Eat Before Working Out

It’s a good idea to eat before a workout – but you need to know what and when to get the needed benefit and avoid problems. “About every two weeks we need to stop someone from finishing their workout because they are feeling ...

All About HIIT Training

One of the biggest reasons people don’t exercise is time. So High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is an interesting alternative as pointed out in a recent New York Times piece. But is it right for you? Tommy Parrish, director of Covenant ...

Coffee and its Perks

A couple of cups a coffee a day may bring your body a bunch of benefits, which is good news today – National Coffee Day. “Straight black coffee,” is beneficial in a number of ways, said Kelli Paschall, certified diabetes educator ...

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