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Obstacle Courses Take Running to the Next Level

If you're not daunted by a workout that includes challenges with names such as Goliath and Everest, have no problem getting muddy or jumping over a fire pit, and pushing yourself to physical and mental limits is your idea of a good time, then ...

Hidden Risks of Heart Failure

Your heart naturally loses some blood-pumping abilities with age. However, weakened heart muscles can eventually lead to heart failure, a condition that affects 5.7 million adult Americans and is a contributing cause to nearly one in 9 deaths in the ...

How to Prevent Just About Everything

“Wash your hands!” You may hear your mother’s voice echoing in your head, but according to Covenant Health infection prevention educator Lacey Kovar, it really is the best way to prevent the spread of many diseases and illnesses. It ...

Patient-Centered Care One of the Hallmarks of Covenant Health

October is Patient-Centered Care Awareness month, but for Covenant Health, it’s something the caregivers strive for daily. However, a group of volunteers works tirelessly to assure that families and patients are always heard. Covenant Health ...

Respiratory Care: Helping Patients Breathe Easier

Respiratory Care Week Begins October 22.​ Respiratory therapists are a highly educated group of health care professionals who take care of patients with chronic and acute conditions related to the cardio-pulmonary system. Those include, but ...

Flu Vaccine Not Only Protects You, but Your Family and the Community

According to the CDC, an estimated 310,000 Americans were admitted to the hospital for influenza during the 2015-2016 flu season. Annabelle Jordan, a family nurse practitioner at Covenant Medical Group’s Southwest Medical Park, says getting the ...

Sepsis: Save Lives by Knowing the Signs and Symptoms

Sepsis is a medical emergency that kills more than 250,000 Americans a year – one every two minutes – which is more than prostate cancer, breast cancer and AIDS combined. Jamie Roney, DNP, and regional sepsis coordinator for Covenant ...

School Backpacks: Pack it Light, Wear it Right!

As school gets underway across the country, the American Occupational Therapy Association celebrates National School Backpack Awareness Day annually on the third Wednesday of each September, this year on Sept. 20. Alison Chapa, occupational therapist ...

Back to Normal: Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Takes Time

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is any injury to the brain which disrupts how the brain functions, usually caused by some outside force, such as a violent blow to the head, says Lee Ann Bryant, inpatient occupational therapist at Covenant Medical ...

4 Optical Problems Diabetics Should Keep an Eye On

"Blurry vision, seeing spots or experiencing pressure or pain in the eye are all symptoms of problems diabetics may be prone to," says William David Boothe, MD, an ophthalmologist at Covenant Health. "However, because these symptoms ...

Take Care of Your Hearing

Millions of Americans have some degree of hearing loss and to mark Better Hearing and Speech month in May, Dr. David Cuthbertson, a physician with Covenant Heath Partners, sat down with HealthCalling to discuss what you need to know about protecting ...

Here Comes the Sun

Having a sun-kissed look or bronze glow has long been a symbol of health and vigor in some cultures. In fact, many studies show suntanned people are rated as more attractive than their paler counterparts. But at what cost? Dr. Jehanzeb Riaz, a ...

Meeting Patient Needs in Crisis

To mark the 43 rd -annual National EMS Week, Health Calling talked to Lisa Hogue, paramedic supervisor for Covenant Ambulance Service to learn what they do to serve Covenant Health patients. How is Covenant Ambulance Service different from other area ...

5 Common Questions About Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease is hereditary, easy to treat with a gluten-free diet, but not common or easy to diagnose. Dr. Timothy Miller, a Covenant Health Partners gastroenterologist, discussed the sometimes baffling disease this month as May is National Celiac ...

Can't Stop Sneezing?

May is recognized as Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month, although allergy and asthma sufferers are usually painfully aware of their condition. There is no cure for allergies or asthma but they can be controlled. Dr. Goutam Shome is a board-certified ...

6 Truths About Lupus You Should Know

About 1.5 million Americans have lupus, with 16,000 cases diagnosed each year. Approximately 5 million people worldwide have a form of lupus. There is very little public awareness about lupus; in fact, the only thing many people know about the ...

Watch Your Wounds

If you or a loved one has a wound that does not heal well within about a month, you ought to think about seeing a specialist in wound care. Dr. Jesus Hidalgo, our advanced wound care specialist at Covenant ’s Center for Wound Care & ...

Napping, Narcolepsy and all the ZzZzZ's

The week leading up to the second Sunday in March (the spring time change, or "Spring Forward") is recognized as Sleep Awareness Week. The change twice each year to and from Daylight Saving Time brings light to sleep issues and sleep ...

Interpreter Services at Covenant Health

“As soon as they hear their own language, there are visible signs of relief.” Rafael Marin, Covenant Health ’s Interpretive Services lead, stressed the impact of someone being able to communicate to health care personnel in their ...

The Mighty Thyroid

Dr. Stan Garrett, family medicine physician at Covenant’s Northwest Clinic, reached for his throat. “They thyroid is kind of … here, below where your voice box is. Most people don’t know it’s there, because it’s ...

Healthier You in 2017: Body

You drive your car every day but never get an oil change. You keep the house nice and toasty in winter but never change your furnace filter. Would you do the same with your body – your greatest asset you can’t replace? Taking care of your ...

Birth Defects Prevention Month

According to Dr. Kevin Worley, one of Covenant Health ’s maternal-fetal medicine experts, about 3 percent of all births have some type of birth defect, which makes them fairly common when you take them in aggregate. Worley says cardiac defects ...

January is National Blood Donor Month

An abundant and safe blood supply is critical for hospitals to do their healing work. That is why Covenant Health makes it convenient for employees to give the gift of life, a donation of blood, something that cannot be replicated or synthetically ...

It's Not Too Late!

You’ve likely heard it a dozen times, but Covenant Health ’s Dr. Angela Ferguson says she can’t express how important it is to get your flu shot this year – and it’s not too late! Contrary to the common myth that the flu ...

Coping with Holiday Grief

Most of us look forward to the sights, sounds and scents of the holidays. Christmas carols, twinkling lights, family and friends, shopping for gifts, and sweet aromas in the kitchen – all of these can elicit a heightened sense of excitement and ...

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