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Recent Posts in Joe Arrington Cancer Research & Treatment Center Category

7 Foods Proven to Help Prevent Cancer

The causes of cancer are complex, but inflammation appears to be a primary culprit behind cancer growth, and part of the reason why tumors get started in the first place. Just as it is in heart disease, Alzheimer’s and diabetes, inflammation ...

Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center Offers Latest Technology, Mobile Services

Availability of screenings gives women fewer excuses to not be checked.​ “We just want to encourage women to get in there and get your mammogram done,” says Lindsey Kennelly, manager of Covenant’s Arrington Comprehensive Breast ...

Quit Smoking Today With the Right Help

The benefits of quitting smoking start within 20 minutes of your last cigarette as your blood pressure and heart rate begin to recover. Within 24 hours, your chance of having a heart attack decreases. Within 48 hours, your nerve endings start to ...

Here Comes the Sun

Having a sun-kissed look or bronze glow has long been a symbol of health and vigor in some cultures. In fact, many studies show suntanned people are rated as more attractive than their paler counterparts. But at what cost? Dr. Jehanzeb Riaz, a ...

Interpreter Services at Covenant Health

“As soon as they hear their own language, there are visible signs of relief.” Rafael Marin, Covenant Health ’s Interpretive Services lead, stressed the impact of someone being able to communicate to health care personnel in their ...

Learning to Breathe Free

Ross Owen was sitting in the hospital room with his dad, who was dying of pulmonary fibrosis. They were just talking. Finally his dad simply said to him, “Ross, you gotta find a better way to die than this.” The 60-year-old Plainview ...

Fight Like a Girl: Angie's Story

Angie Howard is a wife to Bart, mom to Brandon (11) and Ethan (15), a friend to many, a boss to several dozen Covenant employees, and a survivor. “I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2015,” says Angie Howard, Covenant Health ...

Tenaciously Saving Lives

Lindsey Kennelly appreciates how much information about breast cancer is available. So, she’s still a little frustrated when a woman 50 years old – or older – comes in for her first mammogram. "They may have put it off because ...

No One Fights Alone: Brooklyn's Story

When Julie Dossey took her six-year-old daughter Brooklyn for a strep throat test on a Monday in early February, she never dreamed she would hear the word ‘cancer’ instead. But the family from Lamesa’s life changed forever when ...

5 Things to Know About Childhood Cancer

You may have heard that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We sat down with Dr. Mohamed Al-Rahawan, a Covenant Health pediatric hematologist/oncologist, and asked him the top 5 things that everyone should know about childhood cancer. ...

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