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Managing Grief and Loss during the Holiday Season

The holiday season may not be merry and bright for everyone, especially those who have experienced the recent loss of a loved one, or if this is the first Christmas without a family member or friend. Doyle Patterson, senior chaplain of Palliative ...

Finding the Perfect Balance

Dr. Chandra Lasley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate for Covenant Health’s Horizons Outpatient Clinic says when considering the balance between your work life and life outside of work, it usually doesn’t mean an even ...

What is Social Wellness?

Ashlee Bost, marriage and family therapist associate at Covenant’s Horizons outpatient clinic, explains what social wellness is and its importance in our overall health. “Basically social wellness is the relationships you have and how you ...

Open Channel of Communication, Key to Child's Mental Health

Dr. Chandra Lasley, mental health counselor at Covenant Health 's Horizons outpatient clinic, is emphatic about the importance of a week dedicated to bringing awareness to children’s mental health. “It reminds us that children are ...

Healthier You in 2017: Spirit

If you turned the corner on the new year and feel your faith life needs a revival, Covenant Health Chaplain Bary Moynihan has some suggestions: Be in the Word daily. “There are apps on the phone, daily Bible reading tools, daily devotional ...

Coping with Holiday Grief

Most of us look forward to the sights, sounds and scents of the holidays. Christmas carols, twinkling lights, family and friends, shopping for gifts, and sweet aromas in the kitchen – all of these can elicit a heightened sense of excitement and ...

Don We Now Our Holiday Stress

‘Tis the season for being over-committed, over-scheduled, setting expectations much too high, and making promises even the most disciplined elf can’t keep. But Ashlee Bost, one of Covenant Health ’s licensed mental health ...

Mental Illness: How Things Have Changed

People with mental health issues used to be chained and treated like prisoners. We’ve made great improvements in understanding and treating mental health issues – but there’s more to do, especially in understanding what it is, how ...

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