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Preventing SIDS

Shannon Bates, nurse manager in Covenant Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) shares with us an update on SIDS. “Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a situation where an infant has an unsafe sleep environment that becomes ...

Birth Defect Prevention

In about 2-4 percent of all live births there will be a congenital malformation or a birth defect. A defect is considered any structural anomaly deviating from normal development. Some of them are as minor as an ear tag or an extra finger; and some ...

Arrington Comprehensive Breast Center Offers Latest Technology, Mobile Services

Availability of screenings gives women fewer excuses to not be checked.​ “We just want to encourage women to get in there and get your mammogram done,” says Lindsey Kennelly, manager of Covenant’s Arrington Comprehensive Breast ...

Birth Defects Prevention Month

According to Dr. Kevin Worley, one of Covenant Health ’s maternal-fetal medicine experts, about 3 percent of all births have some type of birth defect, which makes them fairly common when you take them in aggregate. Worley says cardiac defects ...

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