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Our Services

Department of Spiritual Care

The Department of Spiritual Care at Covenant Health is committed to support the diverse spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones. A Chaplain is available 24 hours a day to minister to the religious, spiritual, and emotional needs of patients, their families and the medical staff who serve them. Chaplains invite a healthy, meaningful use of the patient’s spiritual beliefs and attitudes through holistic service that is aimed at improving their health and quality of life.

The department offers:

  • Monthly Memorial Service
  • The Healing Channel broadcast on Channel 2 in every patient room and the waiting areas
  • Roman Catholic Mass
  • Pastoral Care of the Sick
  • Sacramental Services
  • Spiritual Care Volunteer program
  • Eucharistic Ministers

Clinical Pastoral Education Program

  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is a process in which theological students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders and qualified lay persons, while being supervised, minister to people in the hospital setting.
  • Students participate in education (typically 10 hours each week) as well as practical use of their education through visiting patients, families and caregivers, and hospital staff.
  • Covenant offers Level I and II residency programs as well as summer internships and extended programs all offered in units that consist of at least 100 hours of structured group and individual education. Each unit will also comprise of supervision and clinical practice with a combined time of at least 400 hours.
  • Both residency programs are a one-year commitment and are designed for those wanting to be trained for Professional Chaplaincy or to enhance his/her ministry. The summer intern program is designed primarily for the seminary student who desires to add the structured experience of reflection on the practice of ministry to her/his academic work. The extended program is for community clergy and laypersons who are involved in ministry and wish to further develop their skills.
  • People interested in participating in the program must submit an application to the CPE Supervisor at Covenant.
  • Covenant Health is the only system from Albuquerque to Dallas to offer this type of program.

For more information regarding Spiritual Care Services, please call 806.725.0604.

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