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Cancer Research and Treatment

Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Nicole lives in Midland, Texas about an hour and a half south of Lubbock. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while still in her early 30s and has now completed treatment and is in remission. Nicole’s story is interesting in that she approached her PCP in Midland concerned about soreness in one of her breasts. While her physician brushed off the concern due to her age, Nicole remained concerned due to a heavy family history of breast cancer. She made an appointment with a plastic surgeon here in Lubbock in order to consider an elective double mastectomy to mitigate her risk. During her first exam with the surgeon, he became concerned about the soreness she was experiencing and told her, that she needed to see an oncologist at Joe Arrington Cancer Center immediately. He picked up the phone and got her in with one of our oncologists that afternoon. Her suspicions were confirmed and she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Nicole had a double mastectomy and underwent chemo treatment. She has now been in remission for a year. One important aspect of our story that may not come through in the TV spot is that she now participates in one of JACC’s research programs testing a preventative drug to help prevent a reoccurrence of cancer. She comes in regularly for bloodwork through that program.

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