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Joe Arrington Cancer Research and Treatment Center

Patient and Community Services

Working with a patient’s team of clinical staff and other support services, the Patient and Community Services staff contributes to the comfort and well-being of the patient by providing nurse navigators, social services, dietitians, and spiritual care. Our services are designed to complete the circle of care, complementing the clinical aspects of care. In addition, we benefit the community with educational events, participation in health fairs and screenings, and education for students regarding healthy habits that prevent cancer.

Nurse Navigators

A nurse navigator is assigned to a patient from the beginning of care at JACC until the end of the patient's treatment, providing support, helping to educate the patient, and coordinating services.

Social Services

JACC’s dedicated social workers help patients gain access to community services, such as financial assistance for medications, transportation, food, lodging, and emotional support.

Besides many outside funding sources, the Covenant Foundation has a fund dedicated to providing financial assistance to qualified JACC patients.


JACC has a dedicated registered dietitian who educates patients, evaluates their nutritional needs to enhance their recovery, and provides individualized consultations with patients with special dietary needs.

Spiritual Care

Our dedicated oncology chaplain is here to provide reassurance, encouragement, and hope to patients. He is available to offer spiritual support or just listen when a patient or family member requests his presence.

In addition, JACC offers Cancer Survivors Support Group twice a month, facilitated by a JACC social worker. The American Cancer Society holds its Look Good, Feel Better class, designed to assist breast-cancer patients with their self-image, once a month at JACC.

For information about Patient and Community Services, call 806.725.8002.

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